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  1. Thanks for the advice, sounds like they would be worth the price to me if I can potentially avoid a few problems down the line. I'll do a little more research on different bay options and add some to the list.
  2. I'm looking for some guidance with a second build since I don't do this often. I have been using my first build for about five years now. It's a small form factor, 6 drive, budget build used for just storage and has been perfect. Now I would like to start a new build and am looking to do more including running a plex server, a few dockers (sonar, etc.), and have 10-12 drives (maybe hot/swap). I've come to realize I'm looking for a goldilocks solution, plenty of speed when I need it for transcoding (3-5 streams), and not raising my electric bill too much. (Paying a little bit more each month