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  1. I have my array set up to multiple shares, and the shares are written to specific drives. What I am trying to do however is have a specific folder in a share write to a different drive. i.e the contents of share (1) would be written to drive (1) except for 1 folder in that drive (1) which will be written to drive (2). If its not possible to have 1 specific folder in a share written to a different drive, then is it possible to have that same linked to a different share? like a shortcut
  2. Ill keep that in kind then. Thanks for all the info, it helps greatly.
  3. Its just 1 or 2 streamers for now. Most of the files on the array is just an archive of videos anyway that i go through every so often. I guess ill stick to the 5400 rpm drives. Is it possible to put a couple of ssd into the array for dedicated files/folders? I.e a specific user gets the entire ssd to themselves with its own dedicated parity just for that drive only and files would go directly to that without going through cache
  4. Dang.... I didnt know that about the the 860. I guess if I need to factor that little extra tidbit about the adaptive cache, it makes it a lot less appealing. I did originally think about going to all-ssd array approach, mostly for the sound, but the size of a single drive as well as the cost always held me back. energy use would also probably be similar as you're using more drives as well. I guess if I really think about it, write speed doesnt matter as much as read speed, but I can always just throw another ssd into the array for specific files just for the read speed, and everything else onto the hdd. The only time when I noticed any sort of lag during streaming, was when It was moving files anyway, so streaming seems to see little lag over a wire. I'll have to try wireless sometime later on just to see the results. Out of curiosity, what drives do you use? Im currently using 6-8tb barracudas at 5400 rpm. at about $25/TB (CAD) that seems the most cost effective. Should i go for 7200 rpm drives instead? it seems the 7200 rpm drives cost quite a bit more. The 7200 rpm drive seems to cost about $33-$50/TB which on their own, might not be so bad on its own, but it does start to add up on the larger drives plus multiple drives as well. I am looking at skyhawk, ironwolf, and barracuda pro for the 7200 rpm drives though, as those seem to be the cheapest.
  5. what do you mean by the 860 not being much faster than spinners? doesnt the 860 have something like 3x faster in write speeds compared to a hdd? Im pulling numbers from userbenchmark, and it sounds like the 860 has 380 MBs compared to a barracuda that's about 100 to 130 MBs
  6. Im currently running an nvme as cache and a seagate barracuda 6TB as array. Right now, I've filled up to about 4 TB, an expect it to fill up completely in the next 6 months or less. I'm wondering if I should just keep adding more HDD for the storage array, or would an ssd storage array be viable. By viable I mean safe, and unlikely to fail. I've been looking around, and while most that Ive read about seem to lean towards the hdd, I've also seen some running an ssd srray and apparently without any problems. The specfic parts I would run in the array would either be a samsung 860 QVO 4 tb, and probably start with 3 to 4 of these, or another 3 to 4 seagate barracuda 5400 rpm. Not sure if this makes a difference, but it is on a 10 gig network. This machine is only on at a a need to basis, so if i dont need it at the time, it will be turned off. Would anyone who hopefully knows more than me be able to answer, whether i should run ssd or hdd in array and why?
  7. solved i think, i tried switching that nic to eth0 and it seems to work. I'm getting speed of about 550 MBs. Is that normal? Files I'm transferring are roughly that size as well.
  8. Right now, I have a mellanox x-2 10 gig nic in my unraid and pc. they are both connected to a mikrotik 10 gig switch. the crs305. As far as I can tell the nics are detected and seem to work. the switch also seems to work. i can access the internet with nic on the pc, but i cant seem to get the unraid server connect to anything else via the nic. I have checked unraid hardware and saw this line [15b3:6750] 1b:00.0 Ethernet controller: Mellanox Technologies MT26448 [ConnectX EN 10GigE, PCIe 2.0 5GT/s] (rev b0) so, i assume it is detected. what i am not sure is if i need to do some sort of setup or anything. any help would be appreciated.
  9. I'm trying to find a step by step guide to Connect my PC to Unraid. I am using 2 Mellanox X-2 NIC, 1 for each end. and a sfp+ cable to connect them. I know that my PC seems to be able to see the card. but I am not sure that my Unraid can. So far, all I have done, is put the cards into the pc/unraid and connect the cable. I notice that I am unable to detect the server as well via the NIC. What settings do I need to adjust and where do i find them? PC uses OEM Windows 10
  10. Im fine with used, Im just trying to save costs at every turn right now, just to get it running at max speed. Ill get a nicer nic later on if i need to.
  11. Saw this posting on amazon, MNPA19-XTR-Mellanox Connect x-2 Price is about 60-70. Is this too good to be true? Would be looking to get 2 of them
  12. the cable i linked to, will it work with mikrotik and mellanox as well? ive heard some people say that sometimes, because cisco does cisco and and others do their own thing, that while it can physically connect, their software/programming? doesnt allow it. would that happen if i use the mellanox and mikrotik with the cisco/mikrotik compatible cable?
  13. I'm going to get a mikrotik switch and wondering what the compatibility is with a couple nics i was thinking of getting. The specific switch I am getting is Mikrotik CRS305 I will use the rj45 port to connect to powerline. I was originally thinking of getting 2 of these, Aquantia 10g SFP+ Nic single port with these cables, 1 meter SFP+ Cable , mikrotik and cisco compatible but then I saw this used item, 2x Mellanox NIC,with cable. Iheard there may some compatibility issues when using hardware from different companies. Anyone know if there is any such incompatibilities with mikrotik and aquantia/mellanox? Which is one is better? or if anyone has any other suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated. one of the nic will go into an unraid server, and the other into a windows 10 pc.
  14. Nelson

    File Moving

    Yea, that seems to be the one i was thinking of. i should have already have it on yes on all shares. still gotta get that switch and nics before i can take advantage of it. Thank you for all your help. You've more than solved my problem.