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  1. No, ultimately I, reinstalled the USB, and then put the drives back in order to get it to boot again
  2. I had a second parity start getting disabled in unraid, I removed it from my main system and replaced it with another. Then placed it in my backup system, ran preclear on it for 3 cycles, zero errors, no smart errors. nothing. double checked all my cables and put the disk back in the original system, but it will not show up in unassigned devices or under /mnt/disks/ is it locked out or something?
  3. Thank for the hard work! @dmacias Is it possible to get an update on exiftool? I think its up to 11.4 now
  4. thanks, is there an easy way to get it back? just a reboot?
  5. I am sure others have noted that you can: Run Plex in a Docker with any NVIDIA Card Using LinuxServer's Plex and Unraid build (video below) Also, I would recommend the 1660, it is the cheapest card that can do both I got this one, it can both Encode (4K - which plex doesn't do yet) and Decode 4K H.265 (HEVC) 4:4:4 This means if you have 4K movies in your library (which I do) Plex (in a docker) can decode it (in hardware) and Encode it into what ever your uses wants (in hardware). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZHWQ81N/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This shows what all the different cards can do https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix
  6. I got an email that my second parity had "issues", when I looked at the system, it shows a crazy number of read / writes / Errors plus the sys log sys there are errors with Disk29, which i don't have. winterfell-diagnostics-20200409-2234.zip winterfell-syslog-20200410-0334.zip
  7. Changed the time on my bios, got me past that error to: cp: cannot stat ‘/boot/custom/docker-shell’ no such file or directory still stuck
  8. Anyone know how I get around this?
  9. Has anyone tried one of these? do they work?
  10. I also, replaced the "go" and my_bashproile files with ones from from my backup system (as they have stuff I wanted in there) Would that have caused this
  11. I just installed this system, I rebooted it, and now its flipping out. 1.) It keeps losing one of the cache drives 2.) started calling itself TOWER even though that's not its name. 3.) Terminal colors are missing rebooting does the same thing (log in screen says Winterfelll) then it get to the main page, says it missing a cache disk, then starts calling itself TOWER tower-syslog-20200404-1948.zip tower-diagnostics-20200404-1449.zip update: DISK_ASSIGNMENTS.txt appears to be completely missing
  12. Hi All, a little help please!!! Sorry for the exclamation points, i'm in a bit of a panic. I rebooted my server after it finished its April 1 parity check, and it came back up without the disk assignments. I know the layout of the disks, its like this. but, those blue squares indicate it's going to format those disks, right? I think I can check this to say the parity is already valid, but, its asking for (two) passphrases, like its going to overwrite the data!! Since it just did a parity check finding zero errors before the reboot, I know its right.. what is the proper steps to get this working again? Thank you!
  13. @dmacias given that /usr/bin/borg and /usr/bin/borgfs on both 6.7.2 and 6.8.3 have the same dependancies, which are at the same level, can I just move copy them into the 6.7.2 folder and would it work?
  14. Anyone seen this before in the install? you can see it didnt complete the PULL's in the top section. Unable to find image 'linuxserver/tautulli:latest' locally its been sitting at this screen for 5 minute, and not the Docker tab will not load
  15. thought? is there a procedure somewhere?