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  1. No, no SSL. I am using Unraid within my own homenetwork only, no need for SSL. Does it work without SSL?
  2. yes, by setting "allow_embedding = true" this won't be send anymore. was the ";" deleted at the beginning of the line? Is the custom tab setting correct? see screenshot? I edited three lines in the grafana.ini the one mentioned for embedding and two for the kiosk mode of grafana. [auth.anonymous] enabled = true org_name = Main but this is only to see the dashboard without logging in. If not set you should see the login screen.
  3. Does the custom tab show nothing or the Grafana login?
  4. I have to work at the weekend, perhaps when i have a free day.
  5. I Had to change the "X-Frame-Options=sameorigin" option in grafana from false to true. And I had to activate the kiosk mode "google for grafana on tv" After that Custom Tab works fine. In "Management Access" you can choose that your own Dashboard is shown after Login. Perfect thanks I added a screenshot.
  6. Hi, Grafana + InfluxDB + UnTelegraf: wonderfull Tutorial by panzerschreck, everything works fine. I created a nice Dashboard and everything is working, but how do i replace the unraid Dashboard with the one created in Grafana? Alternatively, how do i add a second Dashboard with Grafana between "Dashboard" and "Main"? Greets and Thanks