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  1. I'm already at 8x8 TB Easystore shucked drives, and a couple of those drives were funded by older pc parts sales from free pcs. I don't see any server gear. I wish... But I do manage to sell some parts from those freebies, like hard drives, and an occasional video card and case. The real gems for myself have been three LG 4K ripping capable optical drives, with their older firmware that has never been updated.
  2. What is a 2Tb used hard drive worth? At $10, you could flip out drives and buy larger capacity drives....
  3. Just how far are you sitting from this hdtv? Are you close enough to a what is a relatively small screen, for the human eye to be able to resolve the extra resolution? Some other reasons to go 4K are for ATMOS soundtracks and HDR.
  4. My UnRaid uses a used Antec 1200 V3 case, found local. I also sourced a beat up Antec 900 case on the cheap, via Ebay for additional bays + fans. I am now keeping an eye out for a second Antec 1200 V3, and plan to stack them vertically, as such, for 24 bays. A ssd will reside in an Origen pci ssd bracket, to avoid taking up any drive bay storage. I am starting out with 6 WD 8 TB EasyStore shucked drives plus a 2 TB and 3 TB pair of Seagate drives, that resided in my previous desktop.
  5. The Antec 1200 v3 is now a sub $100 case on the used market. Interesting to see how the advice in this thread and how five years can change things..... I snagged a local case for $100 CDN, and a second, not so pristine case for $58 CDN shipped, which will simply be a spare upper fan and 2 more sets of triple drive bays and fan. Not too shabby, 12 bays at $120 USD. Quad core i3's are dirt cheap, while ram isn't. Eight Terrabyte BB Easystore shucked drives means that's potentially 88 TB of storage. An ssd cache drive could use velcro or a pci bracket and not touch a drive bay.
  6. Anyone sitting on at least one set of these, and preferably a pair, looking to sell? Ideally with the long screws... I am in Ontario Canada, but have a US mailing parcel receiving service in Niagara Falls, NY.
  7. Tedd

    SSD unRaid?

    Haven't dropped the project. Got a little side tracked though... Front end just added, for a stereo based media room. NAD C 390DD Server hardware upgrade pile of parts: P8Z77 mobo, Intel G620 cpu, 2x4G ram, SATA3 60G ssd boot drive, 2x240G SATA2 ssd, and 2x120G SATA ssd (so far... -loving the drop in ssd prices).
  8. Tedd

    SSD unRaid?

    Still waiting on more drives.... but I picked up a couple of these bay adapters
  9. I bought two Habey rackmount cases via ebay. A Habey RPC-410 and a DS600S. They are pretty much identical except the DS600-S has six SATAII hotswap bays instead of six internal 3.5" bays. (Both also have three 5.25" and one 3.5" open bays.) Eighteen inches deep.
  10. Tedd

    SSD unRaid?

    I decided to check with Bryston, since I began to wonder if I was overlooking something. "The BDP-1 can playback from a shoutcast server so he could setup a shoutcast server on his linux storage server. Also the NAS feature on the BDP-1's firmware would allow the BDP-1 to connect to any samba share. "
  11. Tedd

    SSD unRaid?

    If you skip the optional factory remote, you need a wireless access point for control.
  12. Tedd

    SSD unRaid?

    Oh I got the reasoning behind the FLAC suggestion right off. Four letters, $150 bucks a letter. I also fully understand the "don't argue with an audiophile" statement. But I also know, and can appreciate, the huge price/performance factor of pairing a 2TB hd with a Logitech Squeezebox. Hardware: $5-600 "out of pocket" ssd 1 TB-ish UnRaid. I'm good with that! Bryston BDP-1 with Ipad as remote touchscreen. then it's decision time: Buy a Classe CP-800 or buy a Bryston BDA-1 and use the second zone of the Integra 80.2 in the rack. $4K gulf there. Leaning towards the Classe but the 80.2/BDA-1 should be impressive in it's own right. Ohlwider, there's an ethernet port on the Bryston for networking. It needn't be networked if you are simply going to use usb jumpdrives and the factory remote. My Bryston will be networked since I didn't buy the optional remote, as I wish to use my IPad as controller.
  13. Tedd

    SSD unRaid?

    you mean like FLAC? Pretty sure the Bryston doesn't accept FLAC. I'm also not convinced FLAC is sonically identical to the original wav file.
  14. Tedd

    SSD unRaid?

    I think I've seen those hot swap bays but they were 4 (2 high by 2 wide) in a 5.25" bay. I do have three 5.25 bays but I'm leaning cheap and use what's on hand, and aim the cash at the ssd storage. The OCZ drives I just bought, came with shallow U shaped brackets so I was thinking back to back mounting in each bay if the 3.5" bays have suitable double slots. Just checked, no such luck. But the cage is 6 drives wide. A little 3.5" bay modding is in order.