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  1. Hello everyone! Now that Ombi stable is v4, I am really interested in migrating away from Ombi development branch. Does anyone have experience with this or recommendations on how to do this safely and with minimal effort? FWIW I am using mariadb container as my Ombi database and have the latest versions of both installed.
  2. Hello everyone! I am hoping someone here would be able to help me out with an issue I'm having. My goal is to send all indexer/downloader traffic through my PIA VPN. I have installed and configured binhex's sabnzbdvpn container and I can confirm that downloader traffic is traversing the VPN by running the following command in the docker container console: curl - This returns my VPN IP I was also able to proxy traffic on one of my local pc's through this container so I'm confident that the sabnzbdvpn container is working properly. However, when following spaceinvader's youtube video instructions to configure sonarr/radarr through the GUI (, it doesn't look like sonarr/radarr traffic is traversing the VPN as the same curl command is returning my home WAN IP. Any ideas on why this is happening?