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  1. Thank you very much! Yeah I am not going for raid controller. I will be moving my HBA controller with the disks and using SATA onboard as I am now.
  2. Given what is said above does this extend to system replacement in its entirety except the disks? What I am trying at here is this: If I take my drives and plug them into a new system (all hardware replaced except drives) and plug my USB Unraid into the new system will it just work or do I need to do something or will it tank the data? The reason I ask is because I got 8 drives with data in an array with 1 extra as parity drive in Unraid ATM and I have no place to offload the data so need to keep it intact - but it is all on a PC that is vastly overpowered for the task (was bo
  3. Superb! 1 headache averted! thank you again both of you!
  4. Thank you both for the swift and excellent replies! But mine was shipped with BIOS on them? how would I remove their BIOS and what would be the point to have BIOS or not if you do not mind me asking?
  5. Hi people, Sorry if my request is dense but I have flashed all kinds of devices before but seem to come up short on how to do it to the LSI 9207-8i Controller. It is running the latest Firmware: in IT mode. The BIOS however is a bit outdated so I wanted to upgrade to: since my version is from 2015 and since I am new to all of this I did not want to worry about it after installing Unraid. I managed to download the latest BIOS from their website here: https://www.broadcom.com/products/storage/host-bus-adapters/sas-9207-8i I used Rufus
  6. Anyone? Any conflicts or considerations?
  7. Hi all, I just wanted to know if my components brings any alarms or compatibility issues or any other input any might have? all comments are welcome! This would be my first Unraid build and would be replacing the Synology DS1817+ I got now. I like the idea of parity but with full disk writes and not spread on many as well as easier expandability. I have been following Tybio's build over at: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/74583-thinking-about-the-e-2186g/page/5/ My thinking is the board should run all on-board sata fro the disks 1 NVMe for cache d