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  1. Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. Okay, thanks a lot for the explaination! Will go ahead with the Vantec quad port then. Hopefully will manage to find one..
  3. @jbartlett, thanks a lot for replying to this thread. Just another query, if I were to pass through a USB port per VM using the Vantec Quad Controller (essentially 4 VMs), I cannot use that usb port to connect up to a USB hub that connects my keyboard and mouse?
  4. I saw John Bartlett (@jbartlett) using RocketU 1144D and Vantec Quad Controller with success for his VMs, may I know if this is true for everyone? Thanks for your help again!
  5. Thank you for your help! I have another question regarding USB3 cards. After researching for a bit, I realised that PEXUS Startech PEXUSB3S44V does not play well with unRAID as seen in the links below: May I know if there are any usb controllers that have 4 usb port that work well with unRAID with Ubuntu and Windows VM? I saw using people using Sonnet Allegro Pro having some success and some failures as well. Can someone advise me on whether this work for four VMs?
  6. May I know if there are any LAN cards with four different controllers like the USB cards that @jonp mentioned? It will be of great help! Thanks!
  7. Thanks Trurl for the instructions! Will follow the guidance when setting up my device. May I know what is your opinion on my disk setup if I were to run it per described before?
  8. Thanks Trurl, will look into getting data disks as storage devices. The usage of SSDs was to make it as the primary drive for OS booting and software launching. May I know if I could mount it outside of the array to do as such, rather than combining them into one array as a cache pool? Thanks jonp for replying. I think I will tell the supplier to provide me with a motherboard and cpu combo that does not need a PLX chip for my usage as it poses a lot of unkowns to me. May I know if this is the similar to the one you were mentioning? http://techsupportlb.com/product/pvu3-5o2u-usb3-0-7-ports-desktop-pci-express-card-with-vl800-vl812-usb-3-0-controller/ Do you have a link to the specific usb add-on controller that you mentioned? That would be help tremendously with my serach. Noted with the suggestion. Thanks a lot for helping!
  9. Hi All, I am starting a new build to run multiple OS (namely two ubuntu and windows machine on my server). As I am trying to source from a server supplier for the hardware required (EXALIT), we came up with a few enquiries regarding it. The hardware that we are going to run are: CPU: 2 x Xeon Gold 5218 Motherboard: PCI-E lanes without PLX chip RAM: 8 x 32GB DDR4-2933 ECC RDIMM Storage: 4 x 960GB Enterprise SATA SSD, 2.5”, 1DWPD endurance, 2M MTBF GPU: 3 x RTX 2080Ti equivalent (Might be RTX 4000 as it is a single slot GPU) USB PCI-E Cards: TBD (decided upon query answered) GIGABIT LAN PCI-E Cards: TBD (decided upon query answered) As we would like to run multiple OS at the same time, the queries are: 1) Can unRAID assign GPUs to each OS if they are running on a PLX chip? 2) Can unRAID assign a couple of USB ports for all the different OS from the same USB controller? (same question for LAN ports) 3) Can unRAID use the motherboard usb and gigabit LAN port whilst the other OS use the PCI-E usb and LAN ports? Thank you for assisting me on the queries! Cheers, -Guan-