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  1. Hi guys, Apologies for asking what may be some pretty silly questions, I've only recently started tinkering with Unraid! I have a system with a 3900x on the Asus TUF Gaming + Wifi x570 motherboard. I was able to get the primary graphics card (GTX 1660) passed through to my first VM with no issues using the vfio-pci.ids=... configuration on the bootable USB. I am now trying to pass through one of the onboard USB controllers and I'm running into some issues. I am able to identify 3 separate USB controllers in the System devices area but they all have the same ID (1022:149c) and the bootable drive is plugged into one of the onboard USB slots (I don't have a PCI-e expansion card). If I try adding that ID to the vfio-pci.ids configuration, the system understandably fails to start properly (It still boots but loses network and encounters some other issues). Googling leads to some other users who have seemed to achieve some level of success by using the BIND=... configuration using the vfio-pci.cfg file. I have tried adding BIND=... option but the USB controller still refuse to show up in the "Other PCI Devices" section when configuring the VM. I've also tried putting in the corresponding values for the NVIDIA USB and serial controllers that were successfully passed through using vfio-pci.ids=... and that also fails as well. I feel like I'm either doing something wrong or the vfio-pci.cfg file is being ignored altogether. I'm pretty sure my file is located in the right area as well (root/config/vfio-pci.cfg) I'm really hoping one of you guys can give me some advice as to what to attempt next! I've attached my iommu groupings and lsusb results below. Thanks so much in advance! iommu grouping.txt lsusb results.txt