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  1. Since unraid is a file server system. So, is it possible to create a VPN as a service? As PureVPN is offering buy 1 and get 12 accounts so I bought it again to share the VPN with my family. The issue is if VPN as a service can be made then in my family members I have nieces and nephews to whom I will give VPN accounts to safe them from cyber bullying. What my nieces and nephews are visiting along with their parents and I would like to keep logs. Since PureVPN is a no log VPN can I have a logs of each website these kids visit? Thanks in advance
  2. My friend helped me installing PureVPN with he amazing skills! @simono5 thanks for helping out! Much obliged!
  3. By the way PureVPN is giving massive 88% off this Black Friday.
  4. So last night, I bought PureVPN via their Halloween deal. I am completely newbie here, I want to hide my online activities and don't know how to install this. Can you guys please tell me how do I do this? Thanks in advance