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  1. Whoops, need mess with setting to only have it spin down the SATA drives then. After fixing setting on spin downs, I'll do a reboot and see if its not longer getting filled up
  2. Not sure if this helps but about 20 hours ago I did setup my disks to spin down if inactive for 4 hours. Then I started a fairly large data dump from a different NAS, about 2.3TB, when the file transfer started it had ETA of 8.5 hours or so. The file transfer is still going on now, been over 20 hours. Here's a ss of system stats for last day.
  3. Yes my SAS is running in non-RAID mode, at least I hope it is. All drives on connected by HP SAS expander, my onboard LSI SAS is running in IT mode. I just ran a few manual SMART checks om a couple drives to see what kind of reporting I would get. from what i see it looked OK. I haven't installed atop.
  4. Hi all, came home to a fix common problems warning. I'm still very new to unraid (1st trial period not over yet). The warning I recieved is tas follows: /var/log is getting full (currently 73 % used) Suggested fix = "Either your server has an extremely long uptime, or your syslog could be potentially being spammed with error messages." My system uptime is currently 23 hours, don't think that is causing the issue. What are some things I should check out to narrow the root cause down. Thanks in advance.