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  1. I am running 5.02... Lan speed test copies a 100mb file at 92 MBps When I use windows file explorer I get 10-12 MBps when I run LANSCAN it shows Tower is the MASTER all workgroups are WORKGROUP... Cache is set up and active for all shares... speed does not change depending if I use share or disk.... any ideas?
  2. all I had to do was delete the super data file and it allowed me to re-add all the drives.
  3. I was trying to upgrade to 6.0 and did not realize my old server is 32 bit.... None the less I failed to make a complete backup of my thumb drive... version 5.02 I have a old config file from before I made some drive changes... I was able to copy the older config files and boot up..... but the system will not accept the new drives... I recently changed the parity and 2 drives in the array.. The server was working prior to my screw up. It tells me there are too many wrong drives... Is there a way to force unraid to accept these changes? I was hoping there was a file I could text edit to the drive id's that are current.