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  1. I love UnRaid's flexability. One thing I would like to see is better cache explaination (is it raid 0, raid 1) and what kind of expansion can be done with the cache.
  2. Thank you so much. I'll set this up tomorrow. I'm great with windows and mac, so this is my first time with unraid/linux. just wanted to make sure. Thanks!
  3. Thank you very much for responding. The pic included shows my current set up and it works somewhat, but is throwing issues of connecting to update server and getting update info on plug-ins and etc. I'm sure this whole network setup is not optimal. Can you suggest the best setup for the two 10gb connections with computers directly and the 1Gb network connection with my network? This is a small network with about 10 computers. Will never be a very large network. I really appreciate your time and suggestions.
  4. I am new to unraid and not sure if I’m setting up my network settings in unraid to the proper settings for 2 10 Gb connections and one gigabit connection. Have watched space invader one on YouTube but not totally sure that everything is set up properly. Connecting two computers directly to the unraid with the 10 Gb connections and the gigabit connection is for the network. Can I please get some help in the proper settings for this.