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  1. What I like most, about Unraid is the community. I would love to see a built in file browser.
  2. I just noticed that bond0 is my ipmi interface on my Asrockrack X470D4U mother board: https://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=X470D4U#Download bond0 and eth0 are both listing the exact same numbers . But they do have different mac addresses and the system has 2 cables hooked up. So this is perhaps just related to the impi/kvm, some weird internal traffic?(sorry didn't think about mentioning this sooner) I thought bond0 was some ''unraid thing''. For the record i was not using the ipmi/kvm functions and it still showed the constant 7.2 mbps inbound activity, also the kvm function won't work at the moment for some reason ('' powered off no signal''). And just now it seems the speed dropped again to 30/40 kbps inbound on both bond0 and eth0. Weird...
  3. I had found the help button, just hadden't gotten around to reading up on the cache yet. Thank you for the link ill save it, and dig into all cache information this weekend.
  4. I had not! New to Unraid/command line Linux. Can i safely post those results? I don't really understand what it is saying. Alright, will do that then.
  5. Oh that was purely a test, hench the share name ''disk2 test''. I don't use it. But thanks for the tip! And i didn't realize it was so easy to set syslog server to write to one of your user shares. I changed it thx ! In general my shares are a mess, because i was messing with the settings, seeing what happens. The System is still new with no important data on it (yet). The system disk was set to prefer but i guess it just needs to be ''yes'' . Fixed Yes it was at the same time. The strange thing was that it lasted so long and was so constant. Isn't 7.2 mbps a lot, for incomin traffic if its just the GUI? Also it seems its back again! Do not/Did not have more then 1 tab open.
  6. No discs are being written too. I haven't set up any copy jobs. Nothing on my network is uploading at anything close to those speeds, not even totaled. To the Unraid server or otherwise. And i even blocked the server from accessing the internet on my router. Turned FTP off, stopped all dockers, removed read permissions to shares. Still the same steady incoming 7 ish mbps. I am running the pre-clear plugin, so i would rather not reboot. And i assume that the pre-clear plugin should not cause incoming traffic on an Ethernet port. Maybe i am missing something super obvious and i'm just and idiot. But i don't understand what is going on here. tower-diagnostics-20191205-2223.Anonymized.zip Edit: It stopped After doing this constantly for at least 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  7. Second check completed. No Errors. So can i trust this system with my data ? tower-diagnostics-20191205-1154.Anonymized.zip
  8. So i completed one parity check with the ''Write corrections to parity'' box unchecked. And no errors! Which is good but also scary because i still don't understand where old the errors came from. Should i run it again ? tower-diagnostics-20191204-1405.Anonymized.zip
  9. Thank you, am running the test right now. My memory is running at default settings btw. How will we know, that its ram and not say a SAS cable, HBA or the back plane? Wen i had the 8.900.000 errors, 4 discs where in the right back plane 1 was external via USB. I moved the discs into the left back plane and left the SAS cables ( meaning now connected to a different SAS cable, back plane and port on the HBA and it recovered to zero errors.) I have put the external disc into the right back plane now. And i did get the 500.000 errors on a rebuild after that. So i am worried that it might be the right back plane, SAS cable or that part (port?) of the HBA .
  10. Oke, so i ran memtest86 for almost 16 hours on my single stick of 16 GB ECC unregistered ram. And after almost 16 hours not even a single error. In the same period had the system been doing party, it would have had hundreds of thousands of errors if not millions. Can ram now be ruled out ?
  11. Thank, you very much for your advice! I am running Unraid v6.7.2. btw, forgot to mention that. Currently letting memtest86 run. So far no errors, but i will probably just let it run over night.
  12. Something is very wrong with my system. I am using five: 8TB 5400 rpm HDDs they are now installed in two backplanes with 4 SATA slots in a Silverstone C381 case. Using a Silverstone branded: Mini-SAS HD SFF8643 cable this then connects to a Lsi/broadcom SAS 9300-8i Host Bus Adapter, that is inserted in a Asrock Rack X470D4U motherboard pcie slot. My CPU is a 3700x and i am running a single stick of 16 GB ECC (unregistered), set to auto (ECC on) . (want to run more then 1 ram stick, but it hasn't been delivered yet). The system has had issues previously including Unraid reporting 8.900.000 errors on the parity drive. No important data is stored on the system. I'm just starting out with new hardware and am new to Unraid. Have had multiple XFS corruptions so far. I suspect one of my new devices is broken but i don't know how to narrow this down properly. tower-diagnostics-20191202-1526.zip
  13. Thank you for your response! Yes it was listed as WD_My_ Book ..... . For future reference is it possible to ''explain'', to Unraid that it is the same device? I did run the xfs_repair and it does mount. Still a little skeptical about trusting this system with my data i previously had 8.900.000 errors on the parity drive all confined to a certain moment in time. All 5 drived are now hooked up to 1 of the backplanes in a Silverstone C381 case. Ussing a Silverstone branded: Mini-SAS HD SFF8643 cable this then connects to a Lsi/broadcom SAS 9300-8i Host Bus Adapter, that is inserted in a Asrock Rack X470D4U motherboard pcie slot. If i have a faulty component, then i don't really know how to narrow it down to which one. Are there any recommended tests? I did run pre-clears on the discs.
  14. So i am new to Unraid. I have had dozens of issues so far, the latest one i that i moved a hard drive that was part of the array from a external USB enclosure to an internal bay. Now i had hope that Unraid was smart enough to figure this out automatically and just recognize the disc. It wasn't, i imagine there is perhaps some way too manually intervene and get Unraid to recognize the disc under its new name. But it was getting late and i just wanted to go to bed, so i set it to rebuild. This setup is completely new and stores no vital data (only test files), so its not like i could lose anything. After it completed the rebuild with zero errors it was now reporting So i rebooted the server and now it reports: Kinda strange because it also reports the disc as having the xfs file system. And it won't even mount in unassigned devices. This is not the first time i had problems i had to format a drive 2 times after a pre-clear, before Unraid was willing to mount it. Now suddenly while i was typing this is, Unraid decided that: I assume this is just a delayed reaction, to me i putting it back in the array, after seeing if Unassigned Devices could mount it. After starting the array it reports: Again. What is going on here? Edit: I checked the disc log. Forgot that was a thing you could click on, still getting used to this OS, see image: Edit 2: xfs_repair -n :