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  1. Thanks, a few days after I posted this I found this video, in which he explains the "history" being the headless feature in all MSI MB. Maybe this post will help someone that will search for the same thing!
  2. Hello, I was planning to upgrade the cpu and MB of my current Unraid server to a ryzen 3700x with a B450 Gaming Plus MAX. Since Unraid can boot in headless mode I was trying to find a motherboard that allows to boot like that. For example, my main pc with a x570 prime pro that allows it with the 3700x (or any other cpu without iGPU) but that's a bit expensive for me to put it on the server. I was looking for a "cheap and good" 😄 B450. Does anyone already tried it or knows if it is possible for the B450 Gaming Plus MAX? Thanks
  3. I forgot to mention that but I had already ran a memtest but only one run. After I posted here, I moved my unraid to another mobo+cpu+ram. My unraid machine is an i5 3rd gen with 16gb ram but I got a second machine that I swaped the hardware, i5-7th gen with 8gb. I did that because after a restart it was not showing the drives correctly, I changed sata ports and it showed again, after another restart it stopped showing again... maybe something is wrong with the older board but now that you mention memtest, I'll leave the older pc running a memtest all day today. I plan to move back to the older but for now I'll keep everything in the new one just to see if it happens again.
  4. Hi, I've been using unraid since December 2019 with a 8TB WD80EMAZ that I got from shucking a WD elements/essentials + 240gb ssd for vms and dockers (I know, I should have a parity drive but what I have right now on the unraid machine is not that important and I have backups of the most important stuff but I'll get a parity soon). Since the beginning of this month (July 2020) I'm having XFS issues on my HDD. The first time I checked the video from SpaceInvaderOne to see how to fix it, I had to run the -L, then after ~1 week the same happened and a simple unraid restart solved the issue. Since then it is happening every 2/3 days... Most of the times a simple restart solves the issue but today it has already happened 3 ou 4 times, already ran -L 1 time and restarted multiple times. Below are the outputs from 2 runs, one -n and the other with -L. -L option: https://pastebin.com/ivSTMidk -n option: https://pastebin.com/XpvxP4QD Also 2 prints, one is the output shown on the unraid monitor after the crash and the other is after a restart. Any ideias? Thanks!
  5. The thing that I love the most is the ability to do CPU pinning, it very nice for VMs! I would love to have some kind of discord notification integration since it is my most used platform.
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