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  1. HI all, i can't crack this one on my own and i now that there is simple explanation that i cant find on google. I have downloaded game (Factorio) from community app and now have docker Factorion running. But how do i run the game? Is it from a browser or something? I have also deluge and it have run webui option to run it. (I have several games installed in docker factorio is just an example, and i dont know how to run any of them)
  2. HI, just one simple question. I have plans to buy one licence, what happens if the usb stick is damaged or unreadable? Do i have to buy new licnece?
  3. So you're telling me that even if the usb driive is burned i can still retrieve my licence! That so cool.
  4. If i get USB not readable or damaged, can i still transfer my licence to another stick?
  5. Well, i don't know exactly is going to sleep (using plugin) properly shut down . But i just figure out that when i restart server or put him to sleep and then wake up everything works ok, until i restart Client computer, then i get password prompt (smb) and then i get error. So i have to change pass for that user, and then it works until next reboot of client computer (windows 10). ( Array is on auto start)
  6. Problem is as follows, i have one folder that is private and only one user that has Read Write on him. Every time my server goes to sleep and then wakes up i cant access that folder until i change password for that user. Any ideas what's going on ?
  7. Hi al, i am a bit going in dark with this one, i am testing unRaid and it's awesome product. I set up sleep after inactivity, try disk fail, add disks .. etc, etc .. The only thing that i now have to do is to find a way to wake up unRaid from sleep. If that can be done this will be so awesome! But i need some simple setup and run tutorial about it.
  8. Just got to test unRaid, have some "bug", or it's just maybe my mistake. I have set up two share and when i access my server i can see "Flash" folder that contains everything on flash that runs OS. But i dont have that share in my Shares folder. Is there a way to hide this so some one will not mess up with OS.
  9. Hy all. I got to see some YT videos of unRaid and it is nice product. I have just two questions about that i cant figure out on web. Does unRaid have Snapshot of data function and does it support hot swap of disks?