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  1. Hey all, This topic may have already been posted but I am having a hard time finding it. I am thinking about extending the number of drives I have beyond what the case I am wanting to upgrade to has (RSV-L4500) It has 15 bays and I'm thinking of taking some other HDDs I have and adding them to the setup which will take me from 8 drives and 2 SSDs, to 20 drives with 2-4 SSDs. My question is, is the best way to do that just getting a second case and mounting it right below the other one, and getting extension cables to go between the two? Or is there a better way to expand beyond just one case. Thanks.
  2. So I tried to duplicate it to send the diagnostic, but it didn't do it again. So I tried to map the 10gb as a network drive, and its unable to access it.
  3. Hey all, So i just built my first UnRaid server and I am currently in the process of trying to get the gigabit to work on it. I watched Spaceinvader One's video on it and followed those steps. The problem is that whenever I attach an IPv4 address to the gigabit switch to access it from my computer (it is running from my main desktop to the Server) UnRaid freaks out and seems to forget its IP address. I am using the SolarFlare S6102 in both the desktop and the server. Spaceinvader said that Solarflare doesn't work with UnRaid, but in the description said that in an update it now works with it. I'm not sure if my problem is actually the adapter, or if I am doing somthing wrong when setting up the Gigabit. Any help would be amazing. Thanks.