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  1. Ok definitely going to update that. We can close this post for now I got it to boot from the front USB slot so I think it installed. It's at the tower login. So going to mess with it more tonight after work. Thanks and can close this now.
  2. Ok did that like you said. I'm going to put in bigger hard drives but wanted to try and get unraid installed first to make sure it's worth it. Here was my results anything you see???
  3. Let me try to figure that out. For some reason in my bios I don't get the option to boot from USB stick.
  4. I have a Dell t310 server that I am having trouble installing via USB. I can't get it to boot via the USB stick. So I tried to boot via uefi and I get the following error. Anyone have a suggestion as this is my first time trying to use unraid. Also I have tried with the uefi checked and not checked when I made my USB stick.