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  1. I'm new to Unraid, in fact getting ready for my first build. I've read in these forums that the Kingston MobileLite G2 is a good card reader to use for the boot drive because it has a unique GUID. I purchased one to use but when I run the USB creator the Kingston MobileLite G2 is not listed among my USB flash devices. It is working fine for general use. I've plugged it into 2 different computers with a Micro SD card in it and I can open it up and read/write to/from it no problem. It's not a matter of the USB creator telling me the device is blacklisted. It simply does not see that it is connected, or at least doesn't list it as a USB flash device to use. I've read so many comments here about folks using this card reader so I know it can be made to work. Can anybody tell me what my problem is? Thanks.