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  1. Adrian

    Replace Drive without Rebuilding Drive

    4x 2TB drives getting replaced by 1x 8TB drive. Lets ignore how the first drive is upgraded since you're caught up on the method used for that, ignoring the risks of losing a drive in the middle of this process. At some point 3x 2TB need to be removed from the server. Removing the drive and rebuilding parity doesn't provide parity protection during the process. Clearing the drive and then removing it provide parity protection during the entire process.
  2. Adrian

    Replace Drive without Rebuilding Drive

    Thank you John, this is all I wanted.
  3. Adrian

    Replace Drive without Rebuilding Drive

    Yes, except it's going go through the process of reading all the drives to essentially rebuild an empty drive and that's what I was trying to avoid. Sorry, I typed it out really fast and worded it incorrectly. I've corrected my original post. Yes I know it's more work. There's a reason I wanted to do this, I've done it before. So if you know how let me know.
  4. I recall doing this one with some help here, but I don't see the post in my history. Basically I'm upgrading a small drive with a larger drive, but I'm trying to avoid rebuilding the drive. I've excluded the drive from the shares and I've moved all the files off it. From what I recall there was a way to zero out the drive, remove the old drive and install the new drive and then I think you would tell unraid to accept the parity info or something like that. If anyone knows what I'm referring to please link/include the steps. Thank you, Adrian
  5. Adrian

    Replace drive without shutting down

    Thanks, it worked perfectly. I saw it removed from the unassigned devices. I took it out and put the new drive it and after I refreshed the screen I saw the new drive listed. I had to press a button for the clear starts in order to access the preclear button. I guess the addon didn't notice it's a different drive.
  6. Adrian

    Replace drive without shutting down

    It's an LSI Logic SAS 9207-8i Storage Controller LSI00301
  7. I have a Norco case. I have a slot reserved for where I preclear drives. After I preclear a drive, can I remove and put another drive in the slot without shutting down the server?
  8. Adrian

    [SOLVED] Can't write files to unraid

    Thank you! You da man! That finally solved the write permissions issue! Time to run it on all my shares now To add to this. The reason I didn't try that is because it was such a weird issue, only my desktop Windows 8 had issues writing. I have a Server 2012 that I copy files from all the time and never have an issue so this never occurred to me to try.
  9. Adrian

    [SOLVED] Can't write files to unraid

    ok, right now I'm testing it out on one of the shares which is definitely not used by any dockers. I have docker and all the files/configs on my cache drive anyways (I backed it up nightly to unraid)
  10. Adrian

    [SOLVED] Can't write files to unraid

    I don't recall trying this. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!
  11. Adrian

    [SOLVED] Can't write files to unraid

    Yes I did, but most of the issues discussed revolved around Windows 10. My Windows 10 issue I fixed. I don't have issues from Windows 2012. Only Windows 8. I don't have issues resolving the name, unraid has been set to master for years. I can read and copy files off it. I just can't write to it from Windows 8. But I went ahead and read through them all over again and I'm going to focus on the ones related to SMB version. btw, any recommendations on what version SMB should be on Windows 8 so that it plays well with unraid?
  12. Adrian

    [SOLVED] Can't write files to unraid

    And I'm back to square one. It's stopped working in Windows 8 and of course on the day I'm ready to move files over from Windows 8. I've deleted the share, rebooted, still unable to write to unraid. I can copy/read files off it no problem.
  13. Adrian

    [SOLVED] Can't write files to unraid

    Yea, I've had unRAID as local master for years now. That was the first thing I checked. That whole case sensitivity is what really got me. It looks like on the Windows 10 box I had to use .\username and then it finally worked. I'll keep doing some testing to make sure. Thanks, Adrian
  14. Adrian

    [SOLVED] Can't write files to unraid

    Dam, thought I had it all. Ok, so that fixed Windows 8, but Windows 10 same issue even after renaming the user to all lowercase. I'll keep looking...
  15. Adrian

    Welcome to Unraid.net

    Love the new redesign!