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  1. for the time being i am staying on 6.8 until i setup my 2nd parity and re add few more drives.
  2. So i updated to unraid 6.9.2 i didnt think that would cause the issue, i am back to 6.8 now and the speeds are as in the above picture. so basically something in 6.9.2 is causing this slow disk issue
  3. ok let me run some disk speed tests, will post when they are done
  4. at this point because the parity wants to be rebuilt and the slow speeds , i dont really care i have fibre 1.5gb its not like it will take long to re download, How would i do full format on all drives and resetup everything as new. I will add a bigger 2nd parity drive if i go down this road that way i am setup for future upgrades.
  5. When I went into the disk option it showed sector 7 error. I would like to reformat the array fresh to be honest. I can go buy another drive to replace disk 7.
  6. Updated diagnostics with data rebuild going, its averaging 1-2mbs a second - 26 days left to complete. hari-nas-diagnostics-20211013-1316.zip
  7. stale browser windows open? How do i figure out whats open?
  8. I still have all of the drives , attached is the diagnostics but i am pretty lost on what to do here or what step to take next. hari-nas-diagnostics-20211013-0943.zip
  9. Hey guys, I am new to unraid and just started my first server in the past few years but i have had some help setting it up. I recently re built my server with some hardware upgrades and such. I encountered the first hard drive having a problem a year ago but i just disabled it from the array. A few weeks ago another drive started to show sector 7 problem and errors on it. So i went bought 2x 4tb drives to replace both faulty ones. I installed 1x drive first pre cleared and put into the array and let it do a data rebuild. Then once that was done i wanted to remove the sector 7 drive , so i stopped the array, unassigned the drive shut down and boot up again with the new drive in place but it wouldnt let me start the array keeps saying missing disks, so i did the same thing again but this time plugged in the drive with sector 7 errors. It started to do its data re built but this time its going at like 500kbs-2mbs speed so it will take 20-40 days to complete. Also it takes 5 mins or longer to do a restart and stop/starting the array takes some time as well. I am aware that i shouldnt of ignored the first drive failing for that long and that i should of replaced it sooner. But this is where i am at and i am not sure what to do at this point, i am considering do a clean format on all drives but how would i do that?