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  1. My favorite thing about Unraid, it just works. It's simple and does what I want all the time every time. The one thing I would like to see added to the OS is support for SSD drives. Thanks and congrats!!! Side note: I hope someone that needs the pro license wins it, I just want a case badge.
  2. I have a pair of unraid servers, both running constantly and serving up a nice chunk of media for xbmc. One is at v4.7 and has 6 drives all 2TB. The other is a 12 bay unit running V5 RC8a with 10 bays full of various size drives. While I like most would love to have a "Final" version, I had no real reservations installing RC8a on the newer server when I got it and haven't touched it since other than to replace some failed drives. Both times it recovered the failed drives like it should have and I keep filling it up with more data. It's rock solid and I really couldn't ask for more. The fact that RC16c has had nothing major (at least that I have read) reported indicates to me this is basically what will end up as final. If I needed the features of V5, I would install RC16c and leave it. Now with that being said, I think the most recent delay is due to the web gui and plugin manager. Both would be/will be great additions to this product, but couldn't these both actually be offered as Plugins to V5? I am sure someone will correct my assumption if it is wrong, but couldn't V5 be released, then plugins to add this functionality for the web gui and plugin manager follow later? And with that simply a V5.1 with those functions built in? Reading what I have read here indicates that some are thrilled about those 2 features coming, while others just want a stable / final V5 and could care less about the new functionality. Wouldn't releasing it this way just give both groups the option they want and make everyone happy? Again, if this is possible...
  3. As I understand it, if you have a license for a previous version you will be able to upgrade that to V5. I purchased a pair of licenses for V4.7 and am running V5 RC8 with one of those no problem.
  4. I picked up one of the 2U servers and have been very happy with it. Be warned, it is NOT quiet by any means. I plan on doing some modifications to try and help that. Will likely require 3 new fans and replacing the Power Supply as well. So if you are looking for something quiet without modification, this is not for you. But, if you don't mind going under the hood and replacing some of the noisy parts, then it is like you said, a steal! Mine is hanging out in an unused bedroom in my house, so the noise right now is not a problem. But I will need to work on that before it moves into its permanent home. Running the most recent release of V5 with 6 drives, need to upgrade my license, and it works perfectly. I am not interested in a VM setup, just unraid with a few added packages. The hardware is more than capable to handle that. The only concern with these that I can see is the VM restriction and noise. I also had to order a bag of short screws to mount the drives to the trays. Cost me around $8 if I remember correctly for 100 screws shipped. The only other expense I have in it so far are the drives and the unraid license. The only work I have put into it is installing the drives onto the trays, preclearing the drives, installing and configuring unraid. If you remove the waiting time for the preclears, I have spent probably 30 minutes doing the install and configuration to get it fully functional. I haven't priced a power supply replacement yet, but will likely just use a standard desktop style PS and not mount it inside the case. It will live in a closet, so it doesn't have to be pretty. I am guessing $100 or so for replacement fans and a good PS. I have no problem recommending one of these if you are ok with the noise and lack of VM support.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion BLKMGK. Any one else have advice or suggestions?
  6. First Unraid server is on 4.7 humming away with under 300MB of free space. No more space for drives so I bought one of the 2U 12bay servers from AVS forum thread and Tams solutions. I bought a pair of flash drives from Lime Tech with the plus license. I would like to start up the second Unraid server this weekend and have 3 drives greater than 2TB sitting waiting to go into it. So 4.7 isn't really an option so I am looking at the available RC that are there. So, I have 4.7 on a flash drive with a plus license (which I will upgrade to a pro later) and am curious how to proceed. 1. Which RC should I use? The latest, or is there an earlier RC that's more stable/less buggy (seems many of them are running well) 2. Should I upgrade the 4.7 flash drive before I setup Unraid, or should I get it configured in 4.7 then do the upgrade, or does it matter? 3. Should I upgrade the current server which has six 2TB drives from 4.7 to 5.RC? and replace a few drives with larger drives? - Doesn't seem like a good option. 4. Is there a better way to go about this that I am not considering? Thanks for any suggestions or answers and hope everyone has a great weekend. Looks like I am going to spend a rainy weekend behind monitors and keyboards updating Unraid and Home theater PCs.
  7. Was this offer available online, or in store only? I would love to score 3 of these, and a price of 199 would likely push me over to make the leap. Waiting for V5 final to start my new server and definitely want at least one for the parity drive.
  8. Not sure how many are looking at these. They are still a bit expensive, but hopefully someone can take advantage. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822145560&Tpk=N82E16822145560 $50 off w/ promo code EMCJNJB27, ends 10/20 and free shipping in US.
  9. So I did some searches and checked the wiki here http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/Un-Official_UnRAID_Manual#Min._Free_Space and didn't find my answer. I recently filled up my Unraid server V4.7, and while reading through the threads here noticed someone mentioned Minimum Free Space settings. So I looked into this having about 600GB of free space across 5 2TB data drives, but unable to move files to the server. So my question is, Can I change this setting now or am I stuck with where I set it originally? Also, is there a "Defrag" type utility for linux/unraid, and is it something I should even be concerned with? Yeah, I am a windows guy. Lastly, I read up on the split level info and understand how that works, so I know sometimes files may get moved / not moved based on those settings, but I think I am good on that. However, can that be changed? Not nearly as important as my first question about Min Free Space. Thanks!
  10. Just wanted to thank the OP on this thread again. My 2U 12 bay server arrived Friday. Have powered it up, but haven't done much else with it yet. However, a great deal! Should allow me to store all I want for a good while. Now just waiting for HD's to cheapen a bit more. Thanks!!!
  11. I have one, and if I could find another in the states for this price I would probably buy 2 more! They are perfect for the 6*2TB setup you mention Hilly. Mine is setup that way and is nearly full Looking for another option now for my 2nd unRaid server. Trying hard to get the 24 or 12 bay units mentioned in another thread here, but not having much luck securing one it seems.
  12. I just got put on the waiting list for one. Should know next week about availability and shipping and such. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the info!!
  13. In UnMenu -- System Info - UPS Status Awesome, thanks!!! Will list it all out. Then cut/paste at will with your browser...
  14. So after quit a bit of delay and some fussing around with unmenu and the APCUPSD package, I finally got all this up and running last night. It does work with the cyberpower UPS just fine. The only thing I haven't done is pull the cord and watch it actually shut down properly. I will likely give that a try tonight, but am about 99% positive it is going to work as it should. I was shocked to see the total for time left was a bit over 40 minutes. Superorb, how did you get the results above? I can get it to display on the screen, but don't know the commands to get the entire list to a txt file or even see the top of the results. I think the first line I could see after the results scrolled was status. I assume apcaccess - something?
  15. Mine arrived yesterday. I haven't had a chance to even unbox it yet. House is getting painted this week and have guests over as well. Might be a few more days. However, I did attempt to install the 2 packages (APCUPS/Clean Powerdown) via unmenu and both seemed to have failed. Anyone know if there are newer versions or alternatives? I am running the current release not the RC's that are out there. Seems each time I attempt to install a package via unmenu I get an error about the package not being created by package manager and/or the file ended unexpectedly and might be corrupt. Any advice on this? Thanks!