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  1. Well it looks like it's not acting like a pentium 2 anymore; but it appears as if there is a lot of errors still generating. Should I do a parity check now? I have attached the new diagnostic. lightningsand-diagnostics-20191210-0204.zip
  2. So just to confirm Cancel Parity Stop Array Power Down Turn power off to computer. Unhook and check each and every SATA and Power connection. Power Back on. Would this be correct?
  3. Done. lightningsand-diagnostics-20191210-0036.zip
  4. Well by reformat I mean redo, reinitialize, take it off as a parity drive, and begin like it's a "new" parity drive. If that makes sense? Best word I could find for it was format but yes I realize that's not the best word for it. Is there any reason my parity check is running at 600 kb/s on brand new NAS rated drives that were running at 100 MB/s the week before on a parity check? Is there anything I can do or... Just wait 200 days for something that might work while my NAS runs like a pentium 2? Any files I can upload to maybe figure out why?
  5. I dunno if I did something wrong; was moving my raid from 1 rack to another rack, so I spun down the drives, took the raid offline then hit power down. Waited till I couldn't access the web portal and a few minutes later then killed power. First it mentioned some CRC errors, looked it up seen issue might be cabling. Thought I moved it so maybe. However now I can't kill the array, docker won't work. 4/5 drives reporting healthy, error on parity 1 and parity check in process. Moved server, and now parity drive 1 is giving 200-500k errors an hour, and the parity check is saying it will take over 500 days(Parity check at 200 kb/s). Docker will work but is very slow, CPU is pinned at 100%(9600k) and barely any dockers will work. Dockers are running on cache drives and no error on cache pool so? I attached the file for smart scan on sdc which is drive that says errors are happening on. Would it be beneficial or suggested to force kill the array; take that drive and reformat it then register it as a new parity drive to rebuild the array instead of parity checking? No idea where to go from here; according to web portal it's going to take over 50 days to 500 days to finish parity check, and docker is barely working during this parity check. Normally it runs at 100 MB/s, so running < 1 MB/s is leading me to believe something is severely screwed. WDC_WD80EFZX-68UW8N0_VJGSGETX-20191209-2244 parity (sdc).txt