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  1. Ok when doing new config do I “preserve any current assignments” ? again I really appreciate your help
  2. I will only have one parity drive. Since one of my parity drives is 'missing/dead' Also I am still having the original problem of the Red X on drive 1 and 9, Both are present before i start the array. Can these also be repaired? or will they be emulated from the one pairty?
  3. Ok. I’m gonna test the drives one last time on a driver reader that I bought from Amazon. From there I will ask you how to do the new config. I want to say I appreciate everything and everyone in this forum. It’s really great how you guys help us newbs
  4. Yes I have tried that. I have 2 chassis and a lot of spare external hba and internal hba. so I have tried the disks across 2 chassis with the same problems on the same disks. more disks show up on my spare chassis so it has lead me to believe it is a backplane problem with the norco 4024 chassis.
  5. Ok as it seems the drives are no longer good. I think my backplane might have fried them. In this case with loosing so many disks at once, Inc a parity. Is it just a start over scenario? (no i dont have a back up, This was mainly a media server with all replaceable content.)
  6. can i safely plug them into my windows gaming pc? would i just check in the bios? sorry im fairly new, but do understand most concepts and instrucitons.
  7. Ok as of today I have replaced all sas cables and have tried to use different power supplies. My problem has progressed. Since changing out all the wiring my chassis (norco 4224) isn’t recognizing a lot of disk. I have swapped hba to test that. have swapped sas expanders to check that have hooked the hba direct to each back plane to test. I even have a spare chassis (norco 4220) And still some drives don’t show up. let me know if I should post diagnostics. Tho I can’t start my array.
  8. ok, should i try a repair of disk 8 and 10? i also have replacement drives on standby
  9. I tried to do it from the GUI, tho before i had tried it from the command line. Let me know a command to try and i will give it a shot.
  10. Diagnostics posted, the emulated disks are unmountable yes.
  11. Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... bad primary superblock - bad CRC in superblock !!! attempting to find secondary superblock... ...Sorry, could not find valid secondary superblock Exiting now. Im still unable to xfs repair the 2 disks that have the red X on them. What steps should or can i take from here?
  12. Still struggling with this, Replacing wires and SAS expanders and SAS card on monday. Is there anything i should post here to show you guys whats going on?? im fairly lost
  13. I mean I would change the disk. Change the slot on my chassis. Now that I look closer it’s just indiscriminately throwing errors it seems. I have 2 molex lines coming from my 1300w power supply. I am thinking about getting some sata to molex to spread the power across another cord they are both used to power the fan wall and the 6 molex connections on the backplane. I will buy new splitters and test with those. I also bought new sas cables to test from hba to backplane.
  14. Thank you for the guidance, Attached are the Diagnostics When the parity rebuild starts, disks 1, 2, 7,8,9, 13 start to throw millions of read errors. and Disk 8 has an unmountable file system