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  1. I was not aware this was an option. This would have been nice to know much earlier. How is the performance? Does it cover the entire server or does it work like the OpenVPN plugin and only affect dockers?
  2. Hello! So that was actually my go-to when I setup UnRaid, however, the VPN Binhex included with the dockers was not compatible with my TorGuard configuration. Binhex warned that this may be the case and that not all providers would be compatible. I was unable to find anyone with a similar setup.
  3. Hello! Before I say anything, I should preface my message with the fact that I'm new to UnRaid and server hardware/networking as a whole. I do have some experience with home networking and consumer hardware, but nothing that would probably help me in this case. I recently installed the OpenVPN Client Plugin to help with anonymizing torrent traffic for my dockers (via TorGuard VPN Providor), and while it works, it is limiting my DL speeds HEAVILY. While I know using a VPN will affect speeds to an extent, this seems abnormally slow. My downloads via QBittorrent seem to be limited to