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  1. I am getting the same with the onboard NIC's, which it can see in the web GUI under hardware devices but in network it shows no MAC addresses for some reason at all but in Hardware devices it can see the NIC's onboard (until I disabled them) and the 540-T2. The 10GBE nic is in the same slot that it was working without issues in for ESXI and Server 2016. Booted up with the onboard NIC chipsets disabled so the ONLY networking it has/can see is the two ports of the 540-T2 which are directly connected to my router and still got no IP, if I manually set one it cannot ping anything, changed it from bonded to not be and still the same. I know this board has worked for other people as found a few results from last year, reset boards bios again and it is for sure the latest BIOS version, I have had to disable ACPI to get the thing past EHCI-PCI IRQ 17 io mem
  2. If I remove the bond, it still does not get an IP though, surely without the bond if all the nic's are connected ONE of them should at least get an IP? Or do I need to get into the GUI and set this ?
  3. Ports are fine, cables are fine, other devices on the same switch are working (switch has been restarted) If unraid has several NIC's how does it decide what one to get the IP during its setup before getting into the web GUI?
  4. Unraid just does not want to seem to get an IP on my network, this is a "new" setup of unraid, tried with different USB sticks just incase. It does not seem to wanna get one via the onboard nic's (ASUS KGPE-D16) or via the Intel X540-T2 that I have in, all ports had a network cable plugged in at one point to test. I know the board's NICs, the Intel 540-T2 works, I have also tried setting network.cfg to bonding no, if I manually set an IP in the config it thinks it has that IP but does not then connect. Router has been restarted incase it was some weird DHCP issue but that should've been bypassed by telling it to have a static IP tower-diagnostics-20200105-0949.zip