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  1. Hi, Going to (ignoring the :123) doesn't work? nope it doesn't work The internal works 192.168.*.*:123 thats what i dont get
  2. Hi agean i got a strange thin now. My url (subdomain) is and it shows me wy do i get the port number with it. Yes i use Nginx proxy and made the link like my 1e WP exept the port number is different. Hope u can help ?
  3. Hmmm hij doet nu heel vaag hij geeft nu na goede installatie volgende URL weer maar de poort is niet wat ik heb opgegeven? Hier ook een oplossing voor? Dankje alvast @Aran dankje wel voor de tip
  4. Wow tnx for tis tuturial It works perfectly and I can continue with what I would like with an additional WP. Thanks again!
  5. Hi All, I would like to run 2 times a WP server on different Sub-domains and content. How can I do this, I can't find it here Using apps to install 2X is not possible which is a pity (maybe a nice option) Who can point me to the selotion here ? Tnx
  6. ik zou graag 2 maal een WP server willen draaien op verschillende domeinen en inhoud. Hoe kan ik dit doen, ik kan het niet vinden Via apps 2X installeren kan niet wat wel jammer is I would like to run 2 times a WP server on different domains and content. How can I do this, I can't find it Using apps to install 2X is not possible which is a pity
  7. Wow Mate You are the best Tnx for the help, all the dockers works en got the VM also working
  8. Hi All, I am still a new one on Unraid but now have an error and don't know why bomieNl looked at this file and asked me to post it here for help. After a power outage I got this error and my Dockers and VMs are no longer working. bomieNl saw this in the log but don't know why: BTRFS crashes. Can someone help ?
  9. Ok dan gaat ik dat daar eens vragen igg Super bedankt voor je hulp
  10. Dit is het rapport Ik hoop dat je wat vind
  11. Hoi Tnx voot de Tip Dit is wat ik nu zie en kan niks uitvoeren ik heb 2 X 256 GB ssd [1/7] checking root items [2/7] checking extents [3/7] checking free space tree [4/7] checking fs roots [5/7] checking only csums items (without verifying data) [6/7] checking root refs [7/7] checking quota groups skipped (not enabled on this FS) Opening filesystem to check... Checking filesystem on /dev/sdg1 UUID: fd6ed4d5-dcd1-4ac9-a648-6fa050b08522 cache and super generation don't match, space cache will be invalidated found 238110461952 bytes used, no error found total csum bytes: 149295548 total tree bytes: 268140544 total fs tree bytes: 71909376 total extent tree bytes: 20398080 btree space waste bytes: 37586580 file data blocks allocated: 1428169539584 referenced 220780953600
  12. Hoi All, Net begonnen met Unraid en nog redelijk een newbee. Na een stroom uitval zie ik deze melding: Drive mounted read-only or completely full. Begin Investigation Here Mijn Dockers en mijn VM weken niet meer. Herstarten en ballance werken niet dus wie kan mij helpen of heeft een TIP? Alvast bedankt
  13. Same here df shows dev/sda1 7823420 518884 7304536 7% /boot
  14. I like the ease of use, and it is much better than Xpenology and Freenas I have just been working on it for a month now and it is easy and I am also going to buy a license. What should be included as a notification agent, for example, and I would like to see added to the OS is support for SSD drives..