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    backup to a nas

    Hi, I still consider myself a newbie but I hope this is possible. I have a old qnap nas that I don't use anymore as it just got too slow but I am hoping to reuse it as a backup if my qnap to take weakly backups, Is this possible?
  2. Hi I am replacing my asus tuf b350 mb to a AsRock Rack X470D4U do to a board fault. The rest of the hardware will remain unchanged including CPU, GPU, Sas controller, memory and drives. Will I be able to do this without reinstalling Unraid?
  3. Hi, I in the process of getting parts for my first NAS/Emby streaming box as I have outgrown my Qnap NAS. I am just not sure which way to with a CPU/GPU ? I had planned to use my old Ryzen 1600 with a new NVIDIA Quadro p400 but now I am just wondering if i should just go with a Ryzen 3400g instead what would people recommend? Other question Currently I have 8gig of DD4 2600 should i upgrade to 16 gig 3200 ram Current Storage 4 * 8 tb Western Digital Red drives Planned Storage 4 * 8 tb Western Digital Red drives (from old nas) 4 * 10 tb Western Digital Red drives 1 * 1tb SSD unraid cache drive 1 * 256g SSD for Emby system files