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Nishadul Haque

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Dear Sir:

I have two unraid pro license.
I want to know which server better performance with unraid OS, three server configuration as follows:

1. Dell R730DX (processor v3,48 core, 2.5GHz, DDR4 128GB 2400 bus, 6TB SAS HDD)

2. Dell R730DX (processor v3, 32 core, 3.2GHz, DDR4 128GB 2400 bus, 6TB SAS HDD)

3. Dell R720DX (processor v2, 32 core, 3.3GHz, DDR3 128GB, 6TB SAS HDD)

Please suggest me which server better work for backup server (file, video, etc) for Office/Home.

Best regards,
Nishadul Haque

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Likely the top one will perform best if you can get all the cores busy, but I have never used this Dell.  What processor does it have?


The second machine has higher clock rate so individual core performance will be better.  It will really depend on your planned usage, and whether your apps will be able to utilize all the cores.  Often, you find that some utilities or apps are single core only, so having massive numbers of cores is useless for that app.


I am using Xeon 2670v1 based servers and find that sticking a second cpu in with another 16 cores is not that much of a benefit for what I do.


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