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  1. tr0910

    What is the IP of my (bridged) VM?

    Yes most likely. You need help from folks who got that running. Maybe change the thread title to clarify the SW you are trying to run. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  2. tr0910

    Are these Supermicro servers any good?

    The chassis is my favorite for the quality of the components compared with the other 24 bay rackmount stuff at this price point. I don't have this specific MB though and can't comment about gotcha's there, nor can I comment on this particular vendor. What I can say, is that this concept is a good way to get heavy duty industrial strength servers at bargain basement prices. The Xeon E5 series of processors that fit this MB are heroes for massive number of cores but their only problem is individual core speed is lower than desktop CPUs. I hope you aren't planning on installing these near your workspace. These are known to be noisy. If installed far away, in another room, the noise won't bother you.
  3. tr0910

    Send notifications or email via CLI?

    My scripts continue to send emails as necessary. I'll send examples later Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  4. The lack of a rj45 ethernet port is what makes the zero a non-starter for me. To make this bulletproof, wired ethernet connections are preferred. But yeah, it has enough power for the job, if all it needs to do is wake up your backup server via ipmi. If you also want it to do dual duty as a openvpn server its a bit slow.
  5. Most of those kits include things you do not need. You only need an 8gb card. Your old cell phone charger with Micro USB will power the pi, and the pi itself is only $35. Case for the pi should only a couple of dollars.
  6. Ransomware is nasty. Rsync backups to a remote server provides no protection. Once the file are hit by ransomware they get backed up remotely overwriting the good files. Here is how I protect against it. 1. Read only access to media files where write access isn't necessary. 2. Snapshot versioning backup locally of frequently changed files such as documents. Make sure the snapshots are read only. Rsync off-site backup to protect against flood, fire, theft and other destruction but not ransomware Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  7. The problem with remotely connecting to IPMI directly is that IPMI has so many security holes (google ipmi security hole) that having it port forwarded to the wider internet is totally not recommended. The rpi provides a secure, always on connection that can also host a VPN. Perfect for many things you might need to do remotely and securely. Here is some recent IPMI vulnerabilities. https://kb.iweb.com/hc/en-us/articles/230268508-Protecting-Intelligent-Platform-Management-Interface-IPMI-devices
  8. Not much of a story, other than I started using unRaid for storing massive raw camera image data, and got so accustomed to it that I decided to use it in a business solution where web server backups needed to flow internationally. (give a bloke a hammer and from then on, every problem is a nail) I don't doubt that other solutions might be better for that use case, however unRaid was already in place and it scaled to meet the need. The only problem I have is that the community of awesome volunteers here are expert on media hoarding, but use cases like mine are on the fringe to the general community. It wouldn't matter so much if I were a bit more of a Linux gearhead. I only hope my adventures might spur some more capable coders to clean up my mess and make something that isn't so hacked together and difficult to replicate for future users.
  9. What did you replace it with? How fast can you transfer now? Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  10. For this reason I do my rsync by disk, and I have my server organized so that certain user shares go to certain disks. Initially unRaid does not require this, but it is best in the long run. Doing the rsync by disk also requires same size disks in source and destination server. If you can't do this, just be aware of the issue above. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  11. Having rsync replicate deletes can be dangerous. If I delete a file on the source server my rsync does not replicate the delete. This allows me to restore from backup if I made a human error. If I rename a file at source I end up with 2 copies of the file at destination. This forces discipline on file organization first time, because the backup will have already replicated your initial structure. If you are a file organization fanatic this may be frustrating as changes in file organization must be replicated manually in my setup. You could manually run a cleanup that replicates deletes using rsync on a user controlled basis rather than automatically. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  12. Parity runs as fast as your slowest disk. It sure looks like disk 5 is behaving strangely. In a situation like this I like to have a spare tested and pre cleared that I can confidently have ready to replace the problem disk. However you may find this is a transitory problem. Good to let it finish the parity and the test that disk out with a few more reboots and change its data cable connection to make sure it's disk not controller issues. Let it run for a bit, but watch it closely. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  13. tr0910

    how do i avoid this rsync issue

    Regarding hacking ssh, yes your server will get probed if you have port 22 (default port for ssh) forwarded in your router firewall. Without a port being forwarded, you cannot connect via ssh and do ssh rsync to my knowledge. I use the ssh plugin and change the ssh port to something between 50000 and 60000. This eliminates the probing. I also remove password access to ssh once I have this working well and test by rebooting a few times on both servers. Only then is it safe to remove password login, as you might lock yourself out. See the plugin on the unRaid app store. As @ken-ji has warned you, you should not use this plugin, until you have your server working stable and rebooting it a few times using the standard port 22.
  14. tr0910

    how do i avoid this rsync issue

    If you did memtest on both machines at both ends, your corruption is strange. Could be ISP related, but I have never seen that even to China. Yes, the backup is encrypted over the wire via ssh encryption. Over the wire you don't need to worry about your data being visible. GRE is a permanent connection between 2 sites. Don't worry about it for now. This is advanced stuff for later. I would suggest loading TeamViewer on a Windows machine on the destination. That way you can connect over the net and get in and do all the things you would normally, just like being there. Later once you are bored and want cooler advanced always connected connections look at GRE or OpenVPN. The bunker utiliity I mentioned was the early command line version of the Dynamix File Integrity Plugin (find it on the unRaid APP store). They are fully compatible and work together nicely. Originally designed to identify file bit rot, it is super helpful for you in detecting any rsync transfer corruption. First make sure the file hashes are calculated and stored in the extended attributes before you rsync. Then make sure that you use "rsync -avuX" The X tells rsync to transfer the extended attributes where those file hashes are stored. Then on the destination computer, you can ssh in and execute the bunker command to verify if there were any files that arrived in different form than they should have. Check it out here:
  15. tr0910

    how do i avoid this rsync issue

    Ha, I was just kidding. It's great to have it all out in the open like this. But we really need to simplify this process. I haven't seen many things in unRaid that can get this ugly. Thank goodness some of the extraneous material you resolved for him wasn't normally required. This thread will really scare off the iwannabackup crowd now. lol