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  1. tr0910

    3x4TB Array

    Tools->New Config Will do it for you. But first note all your disks, their serials and where you want them to go. This will allow you to put anything anywhere, so be careful. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  2. Hey, great going. I used to do this when I got a few new 4tb drives and my servers were all 3tb or 2tb. My Areca cards would create this kind of virtual parity with a bunch of spare 2tb drives. Worked great for me. You just have to manage your risk and for me, I went dual parity at the same time, so the risk was minimal. I quit using it as the Areca 1280 cards are getting long in the tooth and I got a bunch of 8tb drives all at once for the next upgrade.. But for the initial switch to larger drives it is perfectly fine especially when you will have a boatload of smaller drives sitting there doing nothing. Is this 48 bays in a 4U chassis ala the backblaze design??
  3. Can this be accomplished without a Sophos or Snort internet connection. What about those who have brain dead Comcast, Roadrunner, Verizon etc routers and can't or don't want to replace them. Can this be accomplished completely in unRaid iptables after opening up a bunch of ports on the router?
  4. Thanks for the tips. I wasn't expecting help from the expert, but only if others had tips. It seems that most have continued to use it as you recommended. I will use a VPN to get access securely for now. If the need escalates, I will revisit, thanks.
  5. Seems no one else is wondering about secure ftp??
  6. I have just updated to 6.7 and the latest proFTPd and am wondering about secure ftp configuration. Does anyone have this working? Up until now, only local access was required, there was no need to provide internet access, but now I might need to forward port 21 on my router and I am worried that this isn't secure with the default settings.
  7. Unraid counts attached drives during boot. It doesn't count network ports. Having USB drives attached during boot will cause this. Solution, unplug them at boot time. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  8. You mean Open-WRT? What are you trying to do? Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  9. Note when you list the SAS address, it will be formatted with dashes for easy reading. Do not enter the dashes. Enter it as follows "sas2flash.efi -o -sasadd 5001E67C1B8A0000" Adapter Selected is a LSI SAS: SAS2308_2(D1) Controller Number : 0 Controller : SAS2308_2(D1) PCI Address : 00:05:00:00 SAS Address : 5001E67-C-1B8A-0000 NVDATA Version (Default) : NVDATA Version (Persistent) : Firmware Product ID : 0x2714 (IR) Firmware Version : NVDATA Vendor : LSI NVDATA Product ID : RMS25KB080. BIOS Version : UEFI BSD Version : N/A FCODE Version : N/A Board Name : RMS25KB080. Board Assembly : N/A Board Tracer Number : N/A Finished Processing Commands Successfully. Exiting SAS2Flash.
  10. I always get a full compare both sides but it takes only seconds for 70,000 files between USA and China. How many files are you rsyncing in one go? My experience with rclone is similar if a bit faster since it is USA to Google drive. No China delays. That a look at your rsync command. Do a smaller group of files to test. It may just be a typo... Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  11. Yes it is script related and yes it will move files reliably internationally, but rsync is more like backup or copy than sync. You can copy both ways and remove deleted files, but you are not likely to be happy with the result. Now if you can live with a static file structure with no file deletes renames or file moves, you might be satisfied. If all file creation and file modification happens at one Central location, even better. But Dropbox is much better at true bidirectional syncing. Also check out rclone with Google drive or Amazon cloud storage. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  12. I have never had this issue as defined by @strike as I do most of my backups by disk. rsync mainserver.mnt/disk1 -> backupserver.mnt/disk1 If you can do it this way, you won't have the problems he listed. However if you want to backup mnt/user/everything -> mnt/user/everything and expect rsync to manage everything for you, it won't be so easy.
  13. OK, attempting to flash. Downloaded 9207_8i_Package_P20_IR_IT_FW_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows From @marsh at serve the home FYI , cross flash to LSI IT firmware Intel server F6 boot boot to UEFI shell fs0: dir sas2flash.efi -list > sas.txt ( capture SAS address ) sas2flash.efi -o -e 7 ( work ok with -e 7 , erasing flash ) or -e 6 sas2flash.efi -f 9207-8.bin ( no rom ) sas2flash.efi -o -sasadd SAS address
  14. Nothing wrong with shucking drives, actually even companies like backblaze do it to save money. I'd rather be able to afford a spare drive because I saved money by shucking external usb drives.
  15. Most if not all Areca success was with 1280 generation of adapters. I don't know what the status with the 1880 generation might be. I am running those older generation cards without issue on one server still today. @bonienl did the last Areca integration work. Check with him on the 1880. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite