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  1. ISP admits to blocking these ports but for an additional fee they can give me a static IP (which I already have) and ports 80 and 443 will be unblocked. The additional fee is not desirable, so now I need to find a different way around this blockage.
  2. Here is the router page: Going to from inside the local lan brings me to the congratulations page for NPM. Does it look ok to you for the normal suggested port forwarding logic for NPM? Googling around led me to believe that ISP blocking of 80 and 443 was quite normal and to be expected. Your response makes me question this. You haven't had to deal with blocked ports? It does seem that others have had to deal with this. There is even a SpaceInvaderOne unRaid video about port 80 blockage with Lets Encrypt setup. And sorry, this particular area where I am testing at present does not have other ISP options. If they are blocking, we will have to either ask nicely, or just work around it. I'll dig some more and see what I find. Thanks for the pointers...
  3. From my cell phone with WiFi shut off, both my external IP address and my domain forwarded to this IP respond with the same thing. Yes IP is fixed. This site cannot be reached. ERR_Connection_Refused Router is forwarding 80 and 443 to unRaid 1880 and 18443 as per a default NPM recommended install.
  4. @Kru-x NPM is installed and available. But when I attempt to request a cert for a private domain already forwarded to my ip address, I get interenal error from NPM. I suspect that I may have port 80 and 443 being blocked by my no name ISP. I have those ports forwarded in my router, and the NPM congratulations page is never displayed. I can torrent (with unRaid Transmission docker) over this ISP, so not everything is blocked. Is this likely my problem?
  5. Ah OK, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Once I can spin up a WP site repeatedly without error, I'll move on to getting NPM to work.
  6. Ok, I just deleted the mariaDB passwords from the WP container setup and suddenly it works. WP is installed and the dashboard is up now. Is that what you do with passwords for setup. Ignore them?
  7. I am just trying to get it to communicate in any way. Maybe something else is wrong? What is your normal way to get it to work?
  8. Ok, I have installed WP and MariaDB multiple times to try and get connection going. I assume this is the best way to start and then bring NPM along later. I keep getting "Error establishing a database connection" I have the following in MariaDB Host Port 1 :3306 Key1 : 99 Key2 : 100 Key3 : 0 And in WP Container port: 8080 WORDPRESS_DB_HOST: WORDPRESS_DB_USER: 99 WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD: 0 I've created and recreated the containers multiple times without getting past the database error. It seems editing the container is no good as that takes me to a "Problem with the connection error" Each time I create a new mariaDB container and WP container, I call it a new name Wordpress2 and store it in a new appdata folder etc... What stupid thing am I doing wrong?
  9. Hey, @Kru-xthis has me tempted to play with your tools. I have 3 Wordpress sites in mind that I would run. All 3 are at different domains. One is a simple site with minimal data, traffic, and plugins. Site 2 has several GB of image files in the media folder but still has minimal traffic. Site 3 is a WooCommerce site with 100GB of image files and paypal and credit card processing and the goodies. Can I run all 3 on my unRaid server? I have Gigibit ethernet from Google Fiber with a single IP address. The unRaid server is Xeon 2670 based with 64GB ram.
  10. ... and there is some possibility that unRaid may include ZFS as a supported file system out of the box. Developer has been ranting about btrfs and dropping ZFS hints. We will just have to wait and see. The plugin has been working with unRaid for over a year, and we can thank steini84 for his dedication. Getting Tom to bake it in to unRaid and have it be more thoroughly tested will be even better yet.
  11. Remote snapshot replication using SSH?? I wrote up a rsync ssh guide that has been very solid, but ZFS and snapshot replication was never part of that.
  12. What is your use case for Sanoid that you cannot already do with above ZFS tools?? Yes, we are always interested in new shiny things.. Is there any issues with it?
  13. Followup on the 6.9.0 b22 with Win10 ZFS problems. If a Win10 VM is started and stopped, the server will shutdown successfully. The attempt to restart a shutdown Win10 VM will fail and this is what is bringing ZFS and unRaid to a bad place where unRaid will not shutdown.
  14. Followup on the 6.9.0 b22 with Win10 ZFS install problems. When the VM is shut down, and then attempt is made to restart it, the VM tab on the server will lock up. Other than this, the server will continue to operate normally. When the server is shut down from the GUI, to attempt to bring the VM back online, unRaid reports that shutdown is successful with system powered off. A putty telnet window open gets the expected "The system is going down for system halt NOW!" message, but after unRaid reports the system is powered off, a press of the enter key shows putty still connected with a telnet session active. Even the unRaid array remains mounted. I don't know if this is unRaid's fault or ZFS? I look forward to somebody else attempting to replicate this issue with 6.9.0 b22 and a Win10 vm. Syslog entries after initating shutdown from GUI - It should be off, but its still live. Jul 2 09:33:08 Cara shutdown[140908]: shutting down for system halt Jul 2 09:33:08 Cara init: Switching to runlevel: 0 Jul 2 09:33:08 Cara init: Trying to re-exec init Jul 2 09:33:12 Cara kernel: mdcmd (44): nocheck cancel Jul 2 09:33:13 Cara emhttpd: Spinning up all drives... Jul 2 09:33:13 Cara kernel: mdcmd (45): spinup 1 Jul 2 09:33:14 Cara emhttpd: Stopping services... Jul 2 09:33:14 Cara emhttpd: shcmd (791): /etc/rc.d/rc.libvirt stop Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: Status of all loop devices Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: /dev/loop1: [2049]:4 (/boot/bzfirmware) Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: /dev/loop2: [0044]:264 (/mnt/disk1/system/libvirt/libvirt.img) Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: /dev/loop0: [0044]:260 (/mnt/disk1/system/docker/docker.img) Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: Active pids left on /mnt/* Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: USER PID ACCESS COMMAND Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: /mnt/MFS: root kernel mount /mnt/MFS Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: /mnt/disk1: root kernel mount /mnt/disk1 Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: /mnt/disks: root kernel mount /mnt/disks Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: /mnt/user: root kernel mount /mnt/user Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: root 54064 f.c.. smbd Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: /mnt/user0: root kernel mount /mnt/user0 Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: Active pids left on /dev/md* Jul 2 09:34:42 Cara root: Generating diagnostics... Jul 2 09:34:47 Cara avahi-daemon[4244]: Interface docker0.IPv4 no longer relevant for mDNS. Jul 2 09:34:47 Cara avahi-daemon[4244]: Leaving mDNS multicast group on interface docker0.IPv4 with address Jul 2 09:34:47 Cara avahi-daemon[4244]: Withdrawing address record for on docker0.
  15. At 10:26 there are a few zfs entries, but it is now 13:30 and the start VM icon is still spinning away. About 12:00 would be the time that the VM was shut down. Other than for this, the server continues to work normally. ZFS list commands return expected results nothing seems broken, except the VM doesn't start. On shutting down the server, unRaid claims the server is down, but a putty window shows the server is still live, and will respond to ZFS list etc. What it will not do is ZPOOL export -a This comes back with. cannot unmount '/mnt/MFS/VM/Win10ZFS': umount failed cara-diagnostics-20200701-1327.zip