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  1. tr0910

    WireGuard VPN support

    I look forward to these kind of tools becoming more easily accessible. However you and I are in the minority. Unraid biggest user group are data hoarders, who don't really care much about security. I'm glad Tom keeps the product fresh and fully patched. Never hurts to ask. If he can do it easily, it may happen. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  2. tr0910

    WireGuard VPN support

    Did you try and create a wireguard VM? Doesn't have to be slack. That should be trivial. Unraid KVM makes it easy. Adding to base os it's not trivial Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  3. tr0910

    Paid for plan but no email?

    If you don't get a reply in a few hours, something is blocked. Sadly spam filters ensure email is no longer a certain way to send and receive stuff anymore. Do you have a alternate email you can try? Typically you should get a response in less than 1 day. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  4. tr0910

    3TB HGST Refirbs (eBay Newegg) 55 cad

    Old slow and steady. That's what these drives are. Totally reliable but very slow. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  5. tr0910

    Rescuing Supermicro 2U server

    If you never tested the box when you put it away is hard to know. Might have been DOA. But it sounds like it might be worth your while to pull the mb and check for loose screws and other nasty things that could be causing a short. That and power connections. Those old industrial systems are tough as nails, and don't give up easily. Love em for the purpose you are suggesting. They spend most of their time down, so noise isn't an issue. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  6. tr0910

    Phenom II X6 1055t

    And the reading is from your UPS. What UPS are you using? That may be why it isn't directly comparable to others. Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  7. I warn you, there is no "SSH for Dummies..." Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  8. Your welcome. @ken-ji to the rescue Sent from my chisel, carved into granite
  9. A thorough understanding of ssh keys is required to fully understand what is wrong. Trouble is all of us just hacked ours together. We all had the same troubles you are having. Then suddenly it just worked. And we are not really sure why. @ken-ji is the most knowledgeable and helped most of us get going. Be patient, there really is gold at the end of this rainbow
  10. tr0910

    Supermicro Servers Hacked?

    As of right now it seems that the evidence has vanished like a puff of smoke. Some 3 letter agency has the evidence all hidden in a warehouse?
  11. tr0910

    Supermicro and the "spying issue"

    Again the answer is maybe. Check the thread out. It links to good external analysis. So far, documented proof is lacking. Don't worry about your Supermicro builds for now.
  12. tr0910

    Change passphrase of encrypted disks/array?

    You'll find it in the status of encryption thread. It's done from the command line, so no you won't see it in the web GUI. And the good news is that it doesn't result in any data loss.
  13. Yeah, there is a bit of black magic here that secures the rsync over ssh. Once properly applied, it just works. This thread contains detours that frustrate folks before getting things working completely. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3010 using Tapatalk
  14. tr0910

    Supermicro Servers Hacked?

    Part of me wonders if this is political. First the government is just releasing a huge cloud computing bid. Second Google just announced they will not bid as it conflicts with their corporate values..(eyeroll). Third, a whole crapload of e5 2670 xeons hit the market at extremely depressed pricing about 2 yrs ago along with matching ecc memory but there were no motherboards. Perhaps the motherboards were compromised? My take is that there is enough truth here to use this as a political weapon, and maybe affect the bidding process for government cloud computing. For some unknown reason, Supermicro is the sacrificial lamb here. And Amazon by being fingered as a victim will have a tougher time assuring everyone they should automatically win the bid.
  15. tr0910

    Supermicro Servers Hacked?

    I have often wondered about that. I have 6 of the e5-2670 and a boatload of RAM. Now wished I had purchased more at $70. Prices have rebounded significantly. I'm surprised Facebook and Google aren't also listed as being victims.