My Unraid for Smarthome and Mediasharing

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little history


10 years ago i built my first homeserver with an amd x2 64 6000+ and a normal office pc mainboard. i used basic sata disks and the os was windows homeserver 2011. then, 5 years later i bought a used chenbro sr 107 case with 1 4x backplane and a promise raid adapter but kept the mainboard and cpu.


2 more years were gone when i got a cheap supermicro x8sie-ln4f with an intel xeon x3430 and 8gb ram later i got an ibm m5015 raid controller.

I bought a second 4x Backplane and switched to openmediavault as os and it worked for a while but it wasn't exactly what i'm looking for.


Then I changed the raid controller to an ibm m1015 hba, flashed it to it mode and tried Unraid in June 2020 and this was exactly the system that has all features that i needed.


In November 2020 I replaced the motherboard to x9sca-f with an intel xeon e-3 1220 v2.




OS at time of building:

      Unraid 6.8.2


      Intel Xeon E-3 1220 v2


      Supermicro X9SCA-F


      Kingston 16 GB ECC DDR3 1333 (4x 4GB)


      Chenbro SR10766


      2x Chenbro MiniSAS 4x Disk Cages HotPlug

      2x Chenbro Sata3 1x Disk Cage HotPlug


      Inter-Tech Combat Power CP 650W


      IBM MegaRaid M1015 (flashed to IT Mode)


      Front: 2x Stock 120mm Chenbro Fans with builtin temperature-diode

      Back: 1x Revoltek 120mm Fan

      HBA: 1x Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM 92mm Fan

      CPU: 1x Intel Stock Cooler




                 1x Seagate IronWolf 4GB 3,5" ST4000VN008


                 2x Seagate IronWolf 4GB 3,5" ST4000VN008

                 2x Western Digital Red 3GB 3,5" WD30EFRX

                 2x Western Digital Red 1GB 3,5" WD10EFRX


                 2x SanDisk SSD Plus 128GB 2,5"

      Total Data Capacity:



Primary Use:

      Smart Home like OpenHAB, Homematic, ioBroker (vm/docker)
      Datastorage for movies, music, tv-shows, own files and backups (smb shares)

      Recorder for twitchstreams (streamlink-recorder)

      Jellyfin (Mediasharing for FireTV and Chromecast)

      NextCloud (docker)

      TeamSpeak³ (docker)


Future Plans:

      add a nvidia gt 1030 graphics card for hw encoding

      SSDs with more capacity

      1 TB HDD replacement with more capacity

      More RAM (32 GB instead of 16GB)

      much better psu

      change all fans and the cpu-cooler to Noctua

      more powerful cpu with 4cores plus ht





the upper one is the productive server, the other one is just my little playground



opened door to access the disks and power/reset-button



Internal view to mainboard, addin-cards and rear-fan

(I have to clean it up and remove the dust) 



view to the backplanes and cable-management



The very simple and basic power supply

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