Unraid 6.8.3 - Application to 'Push' video from UnRaid to UPNP renderer


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Bit of an odd question but here goes.


I have a high-end UHD player (Panasonic UD-UB9000) that can play discs but also does an amazing job with movie and music files over the network. Its only drawback is its horrendous interface (no poster wall etc.) for browsing and playing media from storage (unRaid in my case).


However, what it can do is act as a UPNP renderer, so I believe it can have media sent or 'pushed' to it and it will play that media (as opposed to browsing for the media from the device's own interface and pulling it from the server).


My question is, are there any solutions that can run from unRaid that will allow me to use a mobile device to browse my media collection on unRaid and, upon selecting an item and a suitable UPNP renderer (which should show up on the network), send that media to the renderer? What I'm not looking for here is a way to send the media to the device via airplay or similar, I want the server to push the media to the endpoint, and I just want to use the mobile device to select and control it. 


I remember I used to be able to do something like 'Play To Device' on my Windows PC and it would send the stream to another device on the network. This would be similar in functionality to that.


I know its a whacky question, but I'd love to know about any solutions that other unRaid users are using.



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