Webterminal interprets ^C as <ret>?

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I just executed a command I very much did not want to execute, because it turns out that for some reason ⌃C gets interpreted by the Webterminal’s shell as a ⏎, even though


NAS# stty -a
intr = ^C [...]


is this a known issue? I’ve tried it on different devices and it seems to work this way on all of them. I’ve never seen this before on any Linux distro; universally (until now) I’ve found ⌃C aborts the current command and gives you a new clean command line, it doesn’t execute it!


Can anyone shed light on what’s going on? Can this be worked around (`stty` was already set correctly as I wrote, but altering it didn’t seem to matter)? Should I submit a bug report?


(addendum: I just tried other commands that tell me what the shell is seeing when I press ⌃C, and it’s seeing a ⌃J. But ⌃J and ⏎ (aka ⌃M) also send a ⌃J. Sooo.... weird.)


(This is on 6.9.0-rc2.)

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That is not what I am seeing:



Now, I am in the USA and using the standard keyboard mapping for that country using a WIN10 PRO client.   You need to give us a bit more info about your client setup.


By the Way, <Crtl-J> and <Crtl-M> and <Enter> keystrokes all give the expected behavior on my setup.

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