Dockers no longer talking to each other after reboot

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I rebooted my server last week and now none of my dockers will talk to each other via the host (unraid) IP.  My dockers are setup on a custom Network called proxynet that I setup years ago from Spaceinvader One's tutorial (


If I change my dockers to talk to each other via their private IPs (172.19.x.x) they will work.


The weird thing is, I have a nginx docker and a mariadb docker that will kind of talk to each other but incredibly slow (a good 10-30 second for it to a simple mySQL query from my PHP site that should take microseconds). If I change my PHP code to point to the internal IP of the mariadb docker its back to its normal speed.


I can't figure out what caused this issue. If I console into to any of my dockers I can ping the host so it doesn't appear that the host is blocking anything it just won't do its forwards.


Anyone have any suggestions?



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