DS380b Ryzen 3600 Build (Questions on Temps Feeling hot hot hot!!)

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Hi All,


I recently built my unraid server (about 7 months ago) With the following spec:-


CASE:- DS380b

CPU:- Ryzen 3600

MB:- Rog Strix B450-i

RAM:- 32GB ddr

CPU Heatsink & Fan = Noctua L9a

Case Fans = 3 X Noctua NF-F12-PWM FANs


And until recently i couldnt get the temp info (As Ryzen wasnt supported in the 6.8 kernal).


Now I've got 6.9 (Hurray !) I can see whats going on (No PWM fan control though), and im slightly alarmed by my CPU and MB temps.


I've seen these being refered to as normal, and as its a SFF case i know there can be issues with temps, however i was hoping somone on these forums could alivaite my fears.


I cant run cinebench or anything like that as I dont think you can install ryzen chiopset drivers on a windows 10 vm ?


The CPU Idles at around 50c - 60c at between 10% + 20% utilisation I've got the fans on silent mode, ive set them i the bios to full but that doesnt effect the temps, so i put them back down to silent.


Mothebaord is around the 50c's too as you can see.




Any Advice would be great !


Am i making a mountin out of a mole hill ?







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I should probably add that i did the heat mod on the case by adding the air flow ducts to the case!


Here are some picks of my build (Still proud !!)


Hers all the parts !!



Very little space for any additonal heatsinks or additional MODS!




Preclering the drives



Heres the 3d Printed Air flow mods, my HDD say between 30'sC to 45'Sc unless running parrity then they can jump up to 50c


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These are fairly normal temps for the 3600 with a smaller cooler, it tends to run pretty hot compared to older Intel chips for example. In my desktop I have a 3600 with a Noctua NH-U9S cooler in a Streacom DA2 case and I get around 55-60 C idle and as high as 80 at full load, I have setup a fairly aggressive fan curve to ensure it doesn't go higher than that. I would recommend doing some kind of stress test to see how your current curve performs and to make sure you won't be throttling but so far your idle temps seem fine.

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