[Unraid 6.9.1] Asus Prime Z390 Realtek ALC S1220A is missing.

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Hi, I just upgraded my rig from an old A10 to a decent i7 with an Asus Prime with Z390 chipset. Now that I have the fire-power I wanted to play a bit with the VMs. I wanted to passthru the ALC but it's nowhere to be found in the audio devices and then also nowhere to be found in the IOMMU groups. My A10 board also had an ALC sound card (really old one) and it was always there listed. The one shipped with the Asus Prime Z390 is ALC S1220A 8-Channel (which normally should be by default included with the Linux Kernel).


Any ideas / clues / hints how to make unraid aware of the audio card?


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