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[6.9.1] Docker Containers have no Internet access

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Hello everyone,

I recently recognized that none of my Dockers within a special Network have connection to the Internet, but I can access them through their IP-Adress (Web-Interface, Ping, etc.). I can ensure that the Router-Firewall is not the problem, because virtual machines and dedicated hosts have no problem connecting to the network or the Internet. 

My Docker Containers have a Static IP-Adress on a VLAN I passed to Unraid.


Unraid Network Config:

eth0: LAN:,  Gateway:,  Unraid-Server:
eth0: VLAN69:, Gateway:, Unraid-Server:


All Dockers related to this Problem have addresses in the VLAN69 Network
For example: 


The Problem:
Speedtest-Tracker can ping jellyfin and vice versa, but neither can ping the gateway, the Unraid-Server or have internet access.
The Gateway can Ping both. 

Everything worked fine till I recently recognized the Issue.

Here you can see my routing table:



I am glad for any idea what can cause this problem, or ideas how to further investigate this.


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Hi !

I got a similar issue, but with 2 NIC connected, no VLAN, and both had their default gateway filled so 2 default route.
I've only removed the Default Gateway on the 2nd nic (no internet on that one), restarted all Docker, all of them got internet connexion back.

On your side, I think you are using VLAN. Are you sure that the network or can reach internet ?

Hope it's help a little bit your issue...



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