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(6.9.1) Server crashing after adding a SATA extender

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I have upgraded my hardware configuration by removing one of the GPUs (RX580, this-> RX570) and inserting a SATA storage card instead of it. This allowed me to free the two APU SATA ports and therefore made it possible to also add a NVMe drive.

Everything was looking great, the drives were visible, just one of the SSDs began reporting: failed command: SEND FPDMA QUEUED.

Did a bit of googling, tried replacing cables etc but it said that's not a big deal so I left it until I will have more time. But...

After few hours the server has crashed, not being able to access the web interface nor SSH. After a second try I was able to catch it frozen again, this time I was able to get the log - just a bunch of kernel stuff (not the diagnostics, that hang up and I did that after system reset).

Now I am running without the SATA card just to see if that's the problem, but I would appreciate if someone more knowledgeable than me could have a look at the log, I am not sure if I'm not doing something wrong.

Thank you.

UnraidLog.txt skynet-diagnostics-20210328-2212.zip

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