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Unraid suddenly stopped being responsive

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Everything was working fine just earlier. I had a Windows VM booted and I was using it no problem. I left my computer for a bit and then came back and turned the monitor on and then got nothing. I tried to go into the Web ui on my phone and couldnt get in either. I even tried to ssh in from phone and that didnt work so I hard rebooted the machine and it booted into Unraid but then I was unable to even log in. No keyboard input was working even though it was working in the Bios. I then tried to boot into Gui mode and only got a blinking cursor for a while.


The only thing that works when I boot into Unraid is a ping to the network IP. Nothing else is working. Any ideas on what I can do to troubleshoot?




Edit. I also tried plugging the USB into my laptop to see if the drive had gone bad and it seemed fine. I was able to browse all of the directories in it. There was a log file there but that was created on Friday and everything was working then and yesterday.

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Okay so I forgot that the keyboard I was using was connected to a USB controller that I am passing through to the VM. I am able to log into the terminal using a keyboard connected to a different USB port but not the Web UI. Any Ideas would be helpful. Thanks.

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Okay I will leave this up and not delete the post but after I was able to log in to the Terminal directly on the device I was browsing on my laptop for some help and then decided to connect to the Webui and  it suddenly worked. I am now able to use everything again. No idea what happened. But I am no longer having this issue.

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