Routing through a VPN container with rebuild-dndc - question about gui port conflicts

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I've read through the Video Guide post on this, but I know that the method changed a bit in 6.9 vs S1's video and I'm going to be using the rebuild-dndc container as well (though that's immaterial to my core question here, but it might help someone in the thread piggyback in the future), so I thought I'd create a new post.


I've tryinging to route some -arrr and sabnzbd containers through a VPN container and I think I only have one question left. FWIW, while I'm a huge fan of binhex I'm testing with hotio's qbittorrent-vpn container because it doesn't require privileged mode for wireguard and it doesn't reset my wg0.conf permissions from 600 to 755 on every start like the others I've tested.


I'm clear on creating the container network, and about identifying the master container in rebuild-dndc. I understand the core part about removing port like 8989 from my Sonarr container and adding that to the VPN container, but here's what I don't understand:


What do I do about running multiple containers through if more than one are using 8080, for example, for their web gui access? How will I add them and still access each app's gui? I guess as a note the qbittorrent-vpn itself uses 8080 as well, does the master container using the port complicate things any more?


Really excited to try this.

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