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  1. pretty sure i do not use this container anyway so i am going to remove it,
  2. Hello, I've got a docker image size problem to work out and could use some help, the OnlyOfficeDocumentServer container is using 3.46GB so i am guessing it's the problem, from what I have read in other posts it has something to do with how directories are named, here are the mappings for this container which look right to me, not sure where to look next, if someone could point me in the right direction that'd be great, thanks.
  3. this is awesome thank you, i will try it out when i can
  4. can someone delete this thread thanks, as it's no help to anyone.
  5. I switched back to my original network.cfg and rebooted, and it all seems to be working again I have no idea wtf is going on.
  6. That's the thing I can not, and I don't know why, all I did was reboot the server and started having problems, I just tried restoring pfsense from it's xml backup I made when everything was working after a fresh install of pfsense which did not help.
  7. fix common problems is unable to communicate with, asks me to reset router/modem or set dns settings, can not access the unraid over lan anymore, under management when i click update dns i get an error message saying it failed to connect to port 442: no route to host can't seem to connect to any of my docker continers either by local up:port or domain containers not showing if they are up to date. i can however access my pfsense vm via it's local ip, when i boot unraid via gui i can open container webui's locally
  8. Hi, I rebooted my server and my network settings must of gone funny, i've checked the gateway ip and dns ips and they are correct, i renamed the network.cfg and unraid made a new one, anyone about to help?
  9. has anyone got this working with swag? looking for a proxy conf file if possible not sure how to make one myself. cheers
  10. I had another look, but is till can not see it, i've tried changing ports and disabling Https, still does not work.
  11. Did you find a solution for this? I am having the same problem.
  12. schuu

    Disk help

    so should be good to format it and my files are safe on the others disks?
  13. Hi, I used unbalance to move all the files on disk 1 to disk2/3 but it is still showing 7.01 GB being used, when check via the unraid ui and krusader it shows that there are no files, folders or objects on disk 1 is it safe to assume that all my files have been move to disks 2/3 and i can now format disk 1?? thanks
  14. thats exactly what i ended up doing, having a cname pointed at duckdns for the ip
  15. yeah i just want something easy to remember, to give to people rather then looking up my ip all the time ( it's dynamic )