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  1. schuu

    Disk help

    so should be good to format it and my files are safe on the others disks?
  2. Hi, I used unbalance to move all the files on disk 1 to disk2/3 but it is still showing 7.01 GB being used, when check via the unraid ui and krusader it shows that there are no files, folders or objects on disk 1 is it safe to assume that all my files have been move to disks 2/3 and i can now format disk 1?? thanks
  3. thats exactly what i ended up doing, having a cname pointed at duckdns for the ip
  4. yeah i just want something easy to remember, to give to people rather then looking up my ip all the time ( it's dynamic )
  5. Is it possible for Valheim to be put behind a reverse proxy like swag so I can use a domain to join rather then wan ip address? sometimes friends can not join via the community list as it does not show, and i do not want to give out my public ip address to people to add to the steam server list.
  6. Hello, when I startup the swag container in the log I am concerned about these 2 lines sed: /etc/conf.d/libmaxminddb: No such file or directory and /etc/periodic/weekly/libmaxminddb: .: line 3: can't open '/etc/conf.d/libmaxminddb': No such file or directory are these anything to be worried about? or should I be fixing this? if so how? thanks
  7. Hi Binhex, Just wondering when/if you will be updating sonarr to V3? like the radarr container was? thanks.