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  1. Hi, currently my unmanic container is using about 15-16gb memory, is this about right? I am using a nvidia gtx 950 for encoding and the encoding cache is set to /dev/shm/unmanic shouldn't it clear it's cache after every encode to kept this lower?
  2. If anyone else has this problem, the solution is here with pfsense need to set the nat > outbound to hybrid and create a rule for factorio to make sure it's has a static port. the post is by daneel_
  3. Hello, not sure why but when the audio encoding is enabled, the voices in the media seem to only be mono, I can only hear talking on the right side, not both, i've turned this off for now, i've had a bit of a look for a solution but have not found one yet, any ideas?
  4. could i add something to MyIp, a cname:port or my public ip:port?
  5. @ich77 I found this and this TL:DR it says add if i add --userland-proxy=false when the docker daemon starts that factorio should work fine, only problem is i do not know where to put this to test it, do you have any idea?
  6. I have added my email to the config, and tried with both password and token, I will have a look thanks.
  7. Hello, I am trying to resolve a problem with the factorio container, i've open port udp 34197, nothing else is using this port. how ever i can not join my game via the lan or public games menus, lan and public both set to true in the config i can see my game in the public games, i can not see it in the lan games my friend can also see the game in the public list and also gets the Could not establish network communication with server. we can both connect directly via ip:port. i get these errors/warnings in the log 1.539 Error InterruptibleStdioStream.cpp:61: Got EOF on stdin; closing 1.742 Warning ServerRouter.cpp:519: Received own address message reply with conflicting address (got IP ADDR:({}), expected IP ADDR:({})) 1.742 Warning ServerMultiplayerManager.cpp:628: Determining own address has failed. Best guess: IP ADDR:({}) 1.776 Warning ServerRouter.cpp:519: Received own address message reply with conflicting address (got IP ADDR:({}), expected IP ADDR:({})) 1.826 Warning ServerRouter.cpp:519: Received own address message reply with conflicting address (got IP ADDR:({}), expected IP ADDR:({})) ip addresses above changed for privacy, any ideas how to fix this please? thanks
  8. windows 10, check c:\users\user <- and remember this folder name. unraid 6.9.2, go to users add a new user with the same name of the folder in c:\users\ give your shares the correct permissions, restart the unraid array and restart win 10 for good measure. the first time you access a share it will ask for username and password, these should match the user you created on unraid. you may also need to remove any creds from the credential manager on windows 10 relating to unraid. this is what worked for me.
  9. I was not going to expose it, just wanted https locally, but I probably will not bother now, I've changed from swag to nginx proxy manager(NPM) to try it out, Edit: NPM has access lists, I added the local subnet, and denied everything else, just need to work out how to get qbittorrent to work with it.
  10. Hello, Is there documentation or a guide on how to use Https for the WEB UI for QbittorrentVPN, I have already used openssl to create a key and crt files. just struggling with this part I guess I added a path for the container but still does not seem to want to work not sure if this is the correct way to do this. and I possible made the crt/key wrong Thanks
  11. it did make compress the keyfile to key.7z properly and the files are in the correct places, the command you put in to the go file is wrong you had sftp -v -P 2785 -o identityfile=/boot/config/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key unraid@your_ftp_address_here:keyfile /root/keyfile but it should be sftp -v -P 2785 -o identityfile=/boot/config/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key unraid@your_ftp_address_here:key.7z /root/key.7z is this on memory? I just checked the usb you are correct the files are not on there, I think I would prefer them deleted when the array starts, but i'll have to learn how to do that,
  12. I had to change keyfile to key.7z sftp -v -P 2785 -o identityfile=/boot/config/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key unraid@your_ftp_address_here:key.7z /root/key.7z and under settings / disk settings / I changed enable auto start to yes, with the sftp turned off the array does not start but when I turn it on it does everything is working as intended now, however it would be nice if I could remove keyfile and key.7z after the array has started. Because is it now just sitting there on the usb? do you have any ideas for that? thanks
  13. for this command I needed to run the new permissions under tools to be able to rename/copy the file to the phone cp /boot/config/ssh/ /mnt/user/download all said and done something I get this error when unraid boots ERROR: no more files /root/key.7z System ERROR: Unknown error -2147024872 then it shows me the unraid server's ip address. does this need to be changed some how? mkdir -v /root/.ssh cp -v /boot/config/ssh/known_hosts /root/.ssh/known_hosts sftp -v -P 2785 -o identityfile=/boot/config/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key unraid@your_ftp_address_here:keyfile /root/keyfile 7z x -p'unraidkeyfilepassword' /root/key.7z -o/root/ also is there a log of the startup so I can check for other errors? I am on a fresh install of unraid 6.9.2 running this command sftp -v -P 2785 -o identityfile=/boot/config/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key unraid@your_ftp_address_here:keyfile /root/keyfile gave me this error, this folder has the key.7z in it not keyfile, do i need to change keyfile to key.7z?
  14. sorry i ask so many question i just like to make sure but i need to change enable auto start to yes? under disk settings?
  15. what is this path used for, what were would be an ideal location?
  16. pretty sure i do not use this container anyway so i am going to remove it,
  17. Hello, I've got a docker image size problem to work out and could use some help, the OnlyOfficeDocumentServer container is using 3.46GB so i am guessing it's the problem, from what I have read in other posts it has something to do with how directories are named, here are the mappings for this container which look right to me, not sure where to look next, if someone could point me in the right direction that'd be great, thanks.
  18. this is awesome thank you, i will try it out when i can
  19. can someone delete this thread thanks, as it's no help to anyone.
  20. I switched back to my original network.cfg and rebooted, and it all seems to be working again I have no idea wtf is going on.
  21. That's the thing I can not, and I don't know why, all I did was reboot the server and started having problems, I just tried restoring pfsense from it's xml backup I made when everything was working after a fresh install of pfsense which did not help.