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  1. That looks like 2 issues. Make sure you set the Network Type drop-down to None Looks like the port used for LibreSpeed is either attached to both the LibreSpeed and Gluetun containers or the port is already in use by something else. The simplest way is to open the terminal for the container and run the below command apk add speedtest-cli && speedtest-cli
  2. Just a little back story... Originally for containers on Unraid, you only needed to add the individual ports as variables to the VPN container that were needed. This was largely a security flaw within the iptables settings (the rules VPNs use to determine if traffic is allowed). With that flaw patched you still need to specify the ports in individual variables so that Unraid knows which ports go to which containers but you also add the list of ports to the ADDITIONAL_FIREWALL_INPUT_PORTS so that the VPN itself know it's OK to allow those ports to communicate into the VPN tunnel. Also, just a heads up, I will be pushing a new template out either today to tomorrow (hopefully) that includes lots of changes. You may have to re-enter info as some of the variable names have changed to align with the dev's variable names. I understand this might break users configurations temporarily but I would rather rip the band-aid off sooner than later.
  3. Can you post the Gluetun conatiner log after you try to start it?
  4. Just wanted to let you know that the dev added a "custom" option for "VPN_SERVICE_PROVIDER". I plan on getting the template updated with it and any relevant variables sometime today.
  5. Restart Gluetun and make sure that there aren't any errors staring up in the log. Then refresh the page and double check the nzbget and sonarr network settings. Whenever you change settings in a template it recreates the container with a new GUID. Since sonarr and nzbget use that to determine the container to use as the network connection.
  6. Try putting the CIDR for your local subnet (usually something like or in the FIREWALL_OUTBOUND_SUBNETS variable.
  7. I'll be glad to help figure this out. Can you post a screenshot of you Glutune config? Obviously, black out any IPs, subnets, username/passwords, etc.
  8. Thank you for the feedback. I have been meaning to add the port variable for some time but haven't had the chance due to IRL stuff. These should be in the latest template once the CA picks it up during the next round of scans.
  9. Please open up an issue on the GitHub site as this looks like an issue within the app itself.
  10. @Opawesome Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate them very much. My initial reaction is that this use case would be more advanced than what the product was intended for. Obviously, it is possible as the documentation shows. Adding an other/custom field to the drop down would currently cause the app to fail as it is looking for a specific response. I will definitely speak to the dev and see if he would help work on a more refined solution than what is presented. Currently, you could just remove the "VPN_SERVICE_PROVIDER" variable and add the "OPENVPN_CUSTOM_CONFIG". If you aren't using credentials then you might also need to remove the variables for user and password as well. Another thought is, if you VPN provider is currently supported, you can check the wiki and place a specific server name in the VPN_SERVER_NAME variable. That would limit Gluetun to using a single IP. This is definitely something I will consider. Thank you again for the kind words, your support and the great idea.
  11. Ot currently does not expose any volumes to unraid. You have the option to load/save a file from the web gui. I am currently working with the dev to add two options. 1. Allow mapping to unraid. 2. Allow storage in a GitHub repository.
  12. That is correct. If there is a WebUI port that you need to access then there are a few more steps.
  13. Yeah... Thought I had fixed that. Apparently I never pushed it to production. My bad... I have another change that needs to be made anyway. I'll get it pushed after work today.
  14. I know the dev been working on a new web interface for a while now so it might be a bug. I would open an issue on the GitHub page so he can look at it. By default, the template is setup to use both IPv4 and IPv6. You should be able to remove the PUBLICIP_HTTP_PROVIDERS and PUBLICIPV6_HTTP_PROVIDERS variables and leave the PUBLICIPV4_HTTP_PROVIDERS variable and it use only IPv4.
  15. That would be the "--restart always" flag in the Extra Parameters field. You will have to toggle on Advanced View in the top right. Make sure you leave --cap-add=NET_ADMIN as it is required for the container to work properly.