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  1. My apologies, work picked up and took most of my night. I will look at your logs asap after I grab some rest.
  2. I just pushed a change to the template that I believe should fix your install error. The appstore should pick up the new template in ~30 minutes.
  3. Pretty sure the only logs that would show deletion would be the system logs. The application logs only show what runs inside the container. You can got to Tools->Diagnostics and download the logs for me to look at. Make sure to check the box for anonymity.
  4. I have not seen glutetun be removed after an update. Can you reinstall it through the appstore? You should be able to find it under previous apps and it maintain your settings. Could possibly be startup order. Make sure that glutun starts before all the apps that use it for network.
  5. Yeah I was curious about that. AFAIK public release is still on rc2 but I could be wrong. Either way, I am not sure where to go from here. I don't think it's an app problem so much as it is a generic container problem. I would probably post something in the General Help section and have one of the mods look at the logs. They will have a much better knowledge base than I do. If they do deem it an issue with the app then I will try to engage the dev. I will always try to help in anyway I possibly can. I apologize for you facing this issue and me not being able to resolve it for you.
  6. From that description, since it didn't give an error, it sounds like the app is starting and then immediately stopping. Yes you can test an older version. For ddns-updater, edit the container and for the repository put: qmcgaw/ddns-updater:v2.4.0
  7. Sorry...I gave the wrong command... It SHOULD be, exactly: docker start gluetun
  8. I agree, I don't see any mentions specifically in the logs. There is a lot of NGINX chatter which may lead to the syslog filling up. I did notice that the logs indicate there is only 400MB RAM free. That could cause issues but not certain. I'm curious to see if you stop some other containers if gluetun will start. Also, can you check the dashboard and see the docker image utilization and if it is full? I think it should be under Memory. We could also check if the app is throwing an error when starting. You can open up a terminal window and run: docker run gluetun The app name will obviously be whatever you named the container. If it does give an error it should show in the terminal window.
  9. Yes, but first, try to start the container just so it will be towards the end of the logs. Go to Tools->Diagnostics. At the bottom of the page there should be a download button (make sure anonymize is checked) and upload the here so I can take a closer look.
  10. Hmmm, haven't seen that one yet. Is there anything in the logs? Have you tried creating it under a different app name?
  11. Hmmm...have seen that one yet. Is there anything in the logs? Have you tried creating it under a different app name?
  12. I'm assuming that BLOCK_MALICIOUS is set to "ON" for the Unbound DNS resolver, which it really should be for security reasons as it blocks IPs and hostnames for malicious sites. Usenetserver is a common false positive. You can simply put "" (without quotes) in the UNBLOCK variable and it will resolve the issue.
  13. Did you also put the port in the FIREWALL_VPN_INPUT_PORTS variable?
  14. They do support using a proxy but the safer option is to use the gluetun container as the network option. There are a few extra steps with ports and such but there are some excellent resources out there that show how to accomplish it. Here are a couple of resources.