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  1. Assuming that you went through the documented install steps it is probably incorrect permissions on the folder/file. Try running these commands from your unraid terminal: chown -R 1000 /mnt/user/Docker/DDNS-updater chmod 700 /mnt/user/Docker/DDNS-updater chmod 400 /mnt/user/Docker/DDNS-updater/config.json
  2. No worries I've been there myself. While I won't admit that it was an elegant solution but it works. I just switched back to your repo and so far everything builds like it should.
  3. I finally had time to update the container today. It should be ready to update and have the features you are looking for.
  4. The last changes I updates I included in the container should have included that. There have only been minor changes since. Can you post a screentshot of what you see when trying to add a person?
  5. Are you pointing to a specific vyprvpn server in your config? You might try a different server or region. I'm sure you already have but I would also double check your credentials take sure they work logging into the vyprvpn website.
  6. I just looked at the server list file and I do not see servers for Ashburn. The wiki itself is not always up to date with the latest server changes. I would double-check with Privado that the servers are still valid. If they are, submit a bug report in github for the issue so the dev can work it.
  7. Absolutely! I am not using port 8080 either so that "shouldn't" be causing issues. Since you're using the LinuxServer container, there is a fairly easy way to get it running. Edit qbittorrent and add an environment variable called "DOCKER_MODS" with a value of "". (Obviously without quotes) Optional: You can choose between a few themes. You can find those here. Just add another variable called "TP_THEME" with a value of the theme you choose. (e.g. TP_THEME=dark) Next, inside qbittorrent, go to Settings -> WEBUI, check Use alternative Web UI and enter its location /vuetorrent, then save. You might need to restart the container but I can't remember.
  8. That was my assumption. To my knowledge, while it may be possible, this is not a supported or intended use of Gluetun as it is a VPN client replacement. My suggestion would be to contact the developer and discuss this use case with him .
  9. This sounds like you are trying to make Gluetun act like a reverse proxy of sorts, which it is not designed for. What is your ultimate goal for this setup?
  10. I just pushed a new version. It should be updated in CA within an hour. With the changes I made, you may need to delete the old container and create a new one.
  11. It does look like there is a newer version. I will do my best to update it this weekend.
  12. FIREWALL_VPN_INPUT_PORTS and FIREWALL_INPUT_PORTS need a comma separated list of all the ports that need to talk through gluetun (e.g. 7878,8989,9898,etc). FIREWALL_OUTBOUND_SUBNETS needs your local subnet in CIDR form (e.g.