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Need peer review before embarking on ambitious adventure


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Hello unRAID users and developers!


I recently started my adventures in file server/NAS fun and I'm already hooked. I have a question about my build and what the most efficient and proper method to achieve my goals might be. My goal is this:

GOAL: Media Server w/ complete automation of data handling and organization utilizing a seedbox for file transfers



 - Integrate Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr for ease of search and organization

 - Integrate MusicBrainz or other organizational programs to fix existing data mess

 - Secure Plex (I've heard that Plex has been getting hacked recently)

 - Allowed the 3-4 shared Plex users to also access Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr so that the entire process from request to serving is automated




Here is what I understand so far:


I run Plex from unRAID and it has different folders that is uses to differentiate TV Series / movies / etc. and in order for Plex to organize this properly, we have to manually designate some of the division and Plex should take care of the rest. Please correct me if I'm wrong here.


Sonarr/Radarr runs locally on the server but can also run on the seedbox. So how exactly would a remote user be able to make input into these applications? I can install these on my seedbox, but the applications I can install there are limited to the following:




















I've been watching SpaceInvaderOne's tutorials and I've watched the seedbox/SyncThing portion where he talks a bit about this. But it looks like you have to request your file requests through the WebUI launched from the unRAID server? Is this right? Or can I connect to Sonarr/Radarr on the seedbox and request it that way (seedbox requires u/n p/w and should allow remote access this way, right?)

Finally I have 4-5 hard drives of data that I'm dumping into my array. It contains photos, documents, media files, and other misc. things that I'd like to keep. Is there an easy way to strip the media files from the rest of the personal chaff so that it can be automatically moved, sorted, and organized by either Plex or Sonarr/Radarr? I really would like to reduce the amount of manual sorting required on my part.


I'm also looking to set up a reverse proxy so that I can remote into my own network for remote troubleshooting. Is there a way to so this from your phone, too?


I'm sorry about the huge question here. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels here and I don't even know the right questions to ask right now. I'm hoping that someone can help talk me through a few things so that I can make better understanding of how some of these things work and so that I can learn the right questions to ask. I can google and find tutorials easily, but I'm afraid I'm going to get through a whole tutorial and start to use it just to find out I asked the wrong question and now all my settings are changed and I can't figure out how to undo my mistakes.


any and all help is greatly appreciated. I am in the discord and I love it but I know this forum is very active and was hoping I could get information that's a little more "permanent".


Thanks guys and I'm definitely buying unRAID here in the near future (once that check comes, haha).

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