Communication Between Two Custom Docker Networks

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I have two custom docker networks. One is the normal br0 network and the other is one setup for reverse proxy called proxynet. Proxynet is setup following SpaceInvaderOne's videos about reverse proxy. So I have my home assistant docker running on the reverse proxy so that I can access my dashboard from out of my home network. But i have my Ubiquiti Unifi docker on by Br0 network because i want it to have its own IP, I don't want it exposed to the web, and so that it can operate correctly by finding my APs. 
So I went to integrate home assistant and the ubiquiti controller but i can't because the Home assistant docker cannot communicate with the ubiquiti controller docker. 
Can someone give me some help understanding the problem in greater detail and some possible solutions. Networking is not my strong suite and but i'm leaning. 
Thanks in advance!

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A docker container can be connected to multiple docker networks, just not if i remember correctly anywhere in the unRAID web interface. You would use the command

docker network connect

from the terminal to connect a container to a second network. The annoying bit, again if i remember correctly, is that you would have to rerun that command everytime the container is re-created, such as when you use the update button in the web-gui.

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