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I swapped out my Nvidia GTX1080 from my box, and switched it to AMD RX560, black out on Win10 VM

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I'm running windows 10 Gaming VM.  I removed my Nvidia GTX1080 to replace with AMD RX560.  Upon starting of Unraid, I saw VM running, and can ping it.  I selected edit, and saw AMD already passed through.  As I was working remotely via laptop, I came to Unraid physically, to turn on the monitor, and check if  the passed through VM  is working properly, it was blacked out.


I removed the passed through VM from the config, and turned on VM once again, I can VNC into it.  Removed my Nvidia graphics drivers, and passed through the AMD once again, with same results.  I turned off Unraid, reseated the GPU properly (just to be sure), and turned it back on.  I removed AMD from pass through, and started the VM.  This time, VNCing to the VM won't work.  


The config of the VM with graphics passed through is:




Graphics card also passed through

No Graphics Bios passed through

Sound card also passed through


Can anyone offer suggestions on where to start?



EDIT:  After a couple of force stops, I started VM once again, and VNC worked.  The first thing it showed me is diagnosing PC, probably because of multiple times for forced stops.  Now, I can VNC into it.  I can also RDP into it.  But still, when AMD gpu is connected, black out.


I tried RDPing into it, now with AMD GPU passed through, it's not working.  So it seems I'm not even reaching into Windows 10, that's why RDP is not working.  Any problem with the bios?  How do I access the bios in time?  There might not be enough time in between starting bios, and entering VNC.  What do I change inside bios?

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