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  1. I've recently changed CPU fan from Dynatron R13 to Noctua D9DX i4 3u. It's way more quiet. My IPMI settings were set to when using Dynatron. I can't recall what to change about the fan thresholds. Can someone point to the link? I've read from page 45 back to page 40, can't seem to find the guide that says go back and check your fan specifications.
  2. ***SOLVED*** I changed FAN1234 (5200 RPM): Temperature sensor: From Auto to CPU Temp. That made the trick! @dmacias, I'm actually setting FAN 5, for my processor. I found the part. currently, it's the following: ## Possible values: Yes/No Enable_Deassertion_Event_Lower_Critical_Going_Low Yes ## Possible values: Yes/No Enable_Deassertion_Event_Lower_Non_Recoverable_Going_Low Yes ## Possible values: Yes/No Enable_Deassertion_Event_Upper_Critical_Going_High Yes ## Possible values: Yes/No Enable_Deassertion_Event_Upper_Non_Recoverable_Going_High Yes ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Lower_Non_Critical_Threshold 700.000000 ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Lower_Critical_Threshold 500.000000 ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Lower_Non_Recoverable_Threshold 300.000000 ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Upper_Non_Critical_Threshold 25300.000000 ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Upper_Critical_Threshold 25400.000000 ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Upper_Non_Recoverable_Threshold 25500.000000 Seems at 700, it should probably be ok. The following are my Dynatron R13's settings: At Duty Cycle 20%: 1000 RPM At Duty Cycle 50%: 3500 RPM At Duty Cycle 100%: 7000 RPM I slide the "LOAD CONFIG @ UNRAID START." I rebooted Unraid, my NAS' fan remains at 7,900. Ready for takeoff!
  3. Hi. Using a new Supermicro X10srm-TF board. My board came with Dynatron blower fan. The whole house sounded like an airplane about to take off (outside the airplane :D) . I can set my fan control via BMC. Options are Standard, Optimal, Heavy I/O and another. I can't recall, but one of them is more silent than the others. It's because the fan revs up and down. When it's down, it's silent, when up, it's a jet engine. I have had this issue before with X9SCM-F server board as well. In the end, I replaced the fan on my X9SCM-F and that solved it. Currently, I cannot replace my proc fan. I have to rely on some other work around. Any tips on how to use this plugin? Unfortunately, the thread is already up to page 45. Hope someone can help narrow the scope of what to do.
  4. @snoopy86, Yes, I mean Ubuntu. Thanks for the reply. BTW, if using VNC, XRDP, do you have audio?
  5. Hi. Can I use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to this container? When I did, I get a login screen, that doesn't display anything. There is a drop down selection, to which I cannot read what's written on it since it's blank. So I cannot proceed.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Hi. When in the process of Scatter, to move out a share- it selects all other drives by default for the "To" section. If a drive is not a member of a share, but it's ticked under the "To" section, will files also be transfered to that drive?
  8. but where did disk5 get it's setting? It was previously a cache drive, but I did a preclear to make sure it's been reset. Even after reset, I selected XFS.
  9. I stopped the array, Under Main Tab, Device, Selected Disk5 (the ssd), under Filesystem, selected XFS, clicked on apply, started the array. It now says "Unmountable: No file system." I then ticked Format. It finished. Shows up as XFS already.
  10. My default file system is set to XFS. While it's set as an unassigned disk, I formatted it as XFS. When joined, it shows up as btrfs. I've also tried preclearing the drive. After which, I joined it to the array without formatting. Upon starting array, it shows that I have an unformatted drive. I ticked format the drive, and again, it showed up as btrfs. Seems either way, btrfs is the FS. Using 6.7.2
  11. It formatted it as btrfs. Is that the default for SSD? Would it be more advisable to convert it to XFS? Noted on the performance of SSD. It's there because of reliability rather than performance. Will do parity check. What do you suggest to do if there are sync errors? BTW, Is it advisable to write parity correction to disks?