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  1. ok, it's all clean there . No errors. Don't know what to do next.
  2. I showed the "Develop" tab on the Menu in Safari. It shows me a list of drop down choices. What am I looking for?
  3. Thanks. I am using Safari hence not familiar to show dev tools. Will find out how. I haven't tried another browser to check if upc appears. What does upc stands for? I will take a look at the drive. Thanks for the heads up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi. Please see attached diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20220518-0848.zip
  5. I'm supposed to see some logo on the upper right corner, correct?
  6. Hi. In one of the servers I manage, after installing My Servers plugin, reboot, no Media Server in upper right corner.
  7. Hi. In one of the servers I manage, after installing My Servers plugin, reboot, no Media Server in upper right corner.
  8. Hello. Thanks to OpenVpn-Client plugin, I was able to connect to my home firewall, using openvpn client. I installed chromium, and put in the parameter "--net=container:OpenVPN-Client", When I go into VNC.html of Chromium, I can see Google search homepage. No site working though. The same ovpn file and user name and password is also used on my mobile phone, and surfing works. Can anyone help point where to investigate?
  9. Hi. I changed my hardware, and have decided to do a fresh install of unraid, using the creation tool. Before doing that, how do I backup the unraid license so I can re-apply the key when I'm done? I can see in my /boot/config, there's a plus.key. Is this it? After using the media creation tool, will my flash ID still be the same? Will the same key work?
  10. Currently, I've got hold of a firewall appliance, with 8 ports. (Desktop form factor). It only has 1 internal msata, or m.2 slot, that has a 64 GB SSD for firewall os. It does has an expansion port, for SFP or Wifi cards but the expansion port is proprietary. The hardware is an Atom C3558, 4 core processor. I was able to successfuly boot Unraid from USB. Now, I'm wondering if I can use any or all of the 8-ports to connect to my Qnap via iSCSI. This is what the back looks like. Others may be able to guess the brand already. Any ideas how to use this device? BTW, the USB there are USB 2.0. I forgot to mention that I have an HP Proliant Microserver, N40L, with 4 HDD bays. The processor is AMD Turion. I think that will be slow. Hence, I prefer using this device, if possible, to connect to my N40L (where the disks will reside).
  11. You were right. I was ticking the USB to passthrough mindlessly. Thank you for pointing that out. Everything's ok now.