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  1. Cannot use the built-in wireguard in Unraid to connect to Sophos site to site?
  2. @dgaglioni Sorry I wasn't able to see your message earlier. I'd like to keep the resource usage to as low as possible. Isn't this possible with Unraid's wireguard? Is Vyos a VM or does it have a docker container?
  3. I know not a lot are using Sophos firewall. But I hope someone who's knowledgeable can share some info. Sophos f/w will be my server, and Unraid will connect to the server.
  4. Anyone interested with Truenas Mini E+ and Mini XL+ case? If I'm going mini-itx, this will be my ultimate case I know this is Ablecom brand, but cannot be purchased anywhere. I've been looking for this case for the longest time. If it's a vertical form factor, this is the best looking case for me. Although I also have a thing for horizontal form factor, such as Synology 8 bays. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
  5. Hello. I've successfully connected my NAS to Cloudflare tunnel, hence I can access Unraid GUI. The network where Unraid is at is behind CGNAT. How do I remote to the XRDP desktop on the remote Unraid when it's behind CGNAT?
  6. This happened to me again, and I just thought I should share the solution to the problem. It turned out that I made some changes to my Unraid's IP address. Since the IP address is new, I can access deluge and sabnzbd using it's new IP ADDRESS. Accessing the container via dashboard, selecting webgui gives me the problem "about:blank#blocked."
  7. I mainly use the webgui to install docker apps. Is there a way to check docker container sizes to see which container is filling up? I can't find any wrong volume mappings, but I'm sure something is not right.
  8. You're right, I don't want to do that Once the service is up, the gui isn't responding. Any more ideas before I do the worst scenario?
  9. Currently, I have gluetun setup. But because of changing things back and forth, my last revision caused the gui to freeze. Reboot doesn't fix the problem. I started Unraid in safe mode, and disabled docker, and started the array, and it works. Now, how do I disable or delete a container in docker? Once I start docker, array will freeze.
  10. I installed Gluetun, and have deluge and sabnzbd pass through it. I have everything working. Leaving it overnight, and right now, I see "unversioned API: requested URI not found" when accessing webui of Gluetun, and when accessing both deluge and sabnzbd, I see "about:blank#blocked". All other docker images seem fine, and still working. What could be the problem?
  11. Yes. This has been how I do it before. I just noticed that this isn't just a single version upgrade issue, in fact, it has been ongoing for several version upgrades already. That's why I realized there's a problem.. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. For each upgrade download, it never finishes. It just so happens I have another Unraid server here with me, under the same network, and that unit downloads, and upgrades without any glitch. All finished within a matter of minutes. What could be the cause for my own nas not to finish download of unraid all the time? To think this is a fresh installed unraid USB. Restarted from scratch. Download stops at 16%, and extracts. But fails due to not being complete. Could it be my memory is only 2 GB, and currently, it shows 64% used?
  13. Hello. Can anyone give some ideas how to do this? I read about a lot of instructions using Cloudflare Argo tunnels. Is that the way to go?