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  1. That's supposed to be my next question, how many raid 0 my controller can make :-). Thanks @Johnnie.black, there goes the project :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. @itimpi, thanks! @johnnie.black, can you clarify how do to it again? Each array is made up of 2 drives, in raid0? What do you mean by including parity? You mean you have 2 drives in raid0 assigned as parity?
  3. Hi. I recently bought 10 SAS 3TB drives If I'm not at all concerned about the data in the array, can I do a RAID 5 config in the array? With 6 SAS2 drives in RAID 5 config, maybe I will be able to achieve PCIe performance? How will I be able to use parity? I have a Dell PercH310 with LSI SAS2008, SAS2 card in IT mode, can connect up to 8 drives.
  4. Thanks, I will have to give it a try.
  5. Does these containers require my Unraid to have a dedicated GPU? What kind of steam games are you creating a container of for now? Those games that can be run on Linux? Or even those that run on Windows only? Very excited about this project. Thanks!
  6. Sorry, want to clarify that I'm trying to achieve something like what you did. Create VMs, assign dedicated cores, and passthrough GPU. But to access the VM, I'll only be using a Raspberry Pi 3B, with Monitor, keyboard and mouse attached to it. The setup should be fine. But Not sure about the software to run on Raspberry Pi 3B, to get maximum performance (to be able to take advantage of the GPU GTX1080). I've tested Moonlight (installed on a desktop) but the experience isn't perfect. It lags.
  7. Unraid on my NAS. I want to create vm on Unraid, but using Raspberry Pi 3B to access VM as seamless as possible. with 3D gaming capability.
  8. I do get those options now. But still performing at 100% CPU.
  9. 6.8.0. When I put this line back "append initrd=/bzroot i915.alpha_support=1" everything is well again.
  10. Removing the following line gives me errors in non Gui mode. append initrd=/bzroot i915.alpha_support=1 Putting it back allows me to boot normally once again. Will resume further testing when this is fixed.
  11. I got a gpu for gaming. I'd like to share that gpu to VM users. Unlike you though, I don't have a CPU per person. I have a raspberry pi 3B. How do you share VM per CPU User? Thanks!
  12. Hi. Wasn't able to get this to work last year, hope this year, it works
  13. I've recently changed CPU fan from Dynatron R13 to Noctua D9DX i4 3u. It's way more quiet. My IPMI settings were set to when using Dynatron. I can't recall what to change about the fan thresholds. Can someone point to the link? I've read from page 45 back to page 40, can't seem to find the guide that says go back and check your fan specifications.
  14. ***SOLVED*** I changed FAN1234 (5200 RPM): Temperature sensor: From Auto to CPU Temp. That made the trick! @dmacias, I'm actually setting FAN 5, for my processor. I found the part. currently, it's the following: ## Possible values: Yes/No Enable_Deassertion_Event_Lower_Critical_Going_Low Yes ## Possible values: Yes/No Enable_Deassertion_Event_Lower_Non_Recoverable_Going_Low Yes ## Possible values: Yes/No Enable_Deassertion_Event_Upper_Critical_Going_High Yes ## Possible values: Yes/No Enable_Deassertion_Event_Upper_Non_Recoverable_Going_High Yes ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Lower_Non_Critical_Threshold 700.000000 ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Lower_Critical_Threshold 500.000000 ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Lower_Non_Recoverable_Threshold 300.000000 ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Upper_Non_Critical_Threshold 25300.000000 ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Upper_Critical_Threshold 25400.000000 ## Give valid input for sensor type = Fan; units = RPM Upper_Non_Recoverable_Threshold 25500.000000 Seems at 700, it should probably be ok. The following are my Dynatron R13's settings: At Duty Cycle 20%: 1000 RPM At Duty Cycle 50%: 3500 RPM At Duty Cycle 100%: 7000 RPM I slide the "LOAD CONFIG @ UNRAID START." I rebooted Unraid, my NAS' fan remains at 7,900. Ready for takeoff!