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  1. jang430

    Incorporating SAS drives to existing array

    @johnnie.black, spin down won’t work with sas driveshaft, but will still do on SATA? Even when they are using the same controller? The sas drives I’m about to use are new ones, sas 3.without spindown, will they use up a lot of power?
  2. Hi. I have several drvies, about 10 of them. 1 TB SSD Cache, plugged onto motherboard, 1 3TB HDD, plugged to M/B as parity, the rest are a bunch of sata 2 speed drives, 1, 2 TB, connected to Dell Perc H310 controller. I have 4 SAS 3 drives incoming. How do I integrate it to my array? Currently, my HBA controller is flashed to IT mode, where all SATA drives are currently connected, except for 1 or 2, cache, parity. Onboard, I have 6 ports, 2 are already occupied. Does my HBA have to be flashed to a different mode to make use of sas controller? When sas controller flashed to IT mode, can it handle 4 drives of sata, and 4 drives of sas? The sata will be using SFF8087 breakout cables, while the sas will be using a different type of cable, I presume? Both type of breakout cables on the same hba card? If this is possible, shall I group all the sas drive into 1 share? These are brand new sas drives. Do we allow spindown? Any other usage scenarios you can share?
  3. @snowboardjoeJust wondering whether you've gone through your upgrade already. Taking a look at your previous motherboard, it says it supports up to 16 GB memory. If that is your only concern, why not source for cheap used memory on ebay?
  4. Hi. I see it now. The files are existing on a drive that isn't supposed to be part of a share. Might be a manual move I've done earlier. What causes these files to come out " .DS_Store"
  5. I see what you're seeing. It doesn't say to which drive it's trying to move it to?
  6. hi. .DS_Store file seems to be everywhere on my folder. But there are files that aren't in /mnt/cache/Media that aren't being moved.
  7. Hi. Please see attached. tower-diagnostics-20190215-2231.zip
  8. Hi. Just want to update, that I did fix the XFS filesystem. It's working now. But still, shows are left in the cache drive. My conditions are, Split level 3. I have Media/ TV/ Show name/ Season #s. All shows can be on different drives, but each season has to be on the same drive. Disks 1-3 are full. They don't have season 4 of Show A. But Show A in cache drive doesn't get moved even with Disk 4, 5 and 6 very free. tower-diagnostics-20190215-1314.zip
  9. RDP doesn't cut it though. So apart from Moonlight, I don't have any other idea.
  10. @johnnie.black, thanks for your help, got it fixed already!
  11. @Warrentheo, I gave it a try, and got this: VM creation error XML error: The PCI controller with index='0' must be model='pcie-root' for this machine type, but model='pci-root' was found instead