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  1. The UPS should report energy usage which you can view in unraid's dashboard and track with e.g. Grafana. I have a similar configuration but no smart plug. It wasn't "plug and play" at least with my CyberPower model. Here's how I set it up:
  2. Well that explains that. If there's no reliable way to do it with the template (I don't really know docker or unraid's specific implementation) I guess I could cron a user script that calls it with docker exec, but it would have to be more complex to guard against multiple instances. Thanks.
  3. I run the official Emby container with the following Post Arguments to call a custom script which prunes the transcoding directory: && docker exec EmbyServer sh -c 'watch -n30 "/system-share/transcoding-temp-fix.sh" > /transcode/transcoding-temp-fix.log &' The problem is it doesn't run on restart. However, if I edit the container and click Apply it runs every time. Am I doing something obviously wrong and if not how should I go about debugging it? I don't see anything suspicious in the container or unraid's system log.
  4. Looks like it backs up all of them. See log from a recent run (core-backup/domains is the destination directory) 2021-04-27 10:41:02 information: Debian is shut off. vm desired state is shut off. can_backup_vm set to y. 2021-04-27 10:41:02 information: actually_copy_files is 1. 2021-04-27 10:41:02 information: can_backup_vm flag is y. starting backup of Debian configuration, nvram, and vdisk(s). sending incremental file list Debian.xml sent 7,343 bytes received 35 bytes 14,756.00 bytes/sec total size is 7,237 speedup is 0.98 2021-04-27 10:41:02 information: copy of Debian.xml to /m
  5. I had a strange problem where maybe every fifth boot my Mojave VM wouldn't have a network connection (using e1000-82545em.) The adapter (Realtek RTL8111H) was detected but no connection. I fixed it by manually configuring the adapter in the VM. Dozens of boots so far and it hasn't happened again. Hope that's helpful.
  6. Anyone else getting very high latency and low speeds with PIA's wireguard? Here's a speedtest from within an unRAID VM: $ curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest.py | python - Retrieving speedtest.net configuration... Testing from Optimum Online (XX.XX.XXX.XX)... Retrieving speedtest.net server list... Selecting best server based on ping... Hosted by Syndeo Solutions (Springfield, MO) [1748.93 km]: 48.05 ms Testing download speed................................................................................ Download: 103.52 Mbit/s Testing
  7. Anyone using this for iPhone sync to a Mac VM? (Apple imposes a bunch of extra requirements.) My current setup is precarious so I'm reluctant to tweak it.
  8. The path directive supplies the path for a particular share. Not sure why I have to duplicate it in Extra since it's specified by unraid but it wouldn't work without it. These are share-specific directives so AFAIK it would only apply to the share whose path is /mnt/user (and creating that share might cause conflicts.)
  9. I've improved the script including the use of smartctl to check USB drive status (which unlike hdparm works reliably with substandard USB interfaces my drive's substandard USB interface.)
  10. It's in the beta. Switch your repository to emby/embyserver:beta or wait for the next release.
  11. That's a way to get spotlight indexing working, I haven't tried it and haven't installed extra libraries. Have you tried stopping/starting the array? If you post your full smb extras maybe someone will spot a problem.
  12. Are you sure there's not a typo in your config? I'm afraid I'm out of my depth here. I can say as far as I'm aware spotlight's not involved in SMB search - it should work immediately.
  13. Put it in Settings -> SMB -> SMB Extras You have to stop the array to edit it. Here's what mine looks like with two shares: Private and Public, but I've customized it enough I forget what's changed from the default. I believe the highlighted lines are the only ones necessary to fix search.
  14. Maybe it's backing up the full Recovery partition every time? Stab in the dark but I believe spotlight indexing of the mac and the backup plays a role. You can rebuild the mac index easily enough by turning it off: sudo mdutil -a -i off then on: sudo mdutil -a -i on but the backups are more complicated, maybe easier to start fresh. You can set multiple time machine destinations so you wouldn't have to wipe the old one.