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  1. The ordering bug (?) only affects containers with no group assignments. Regardless, you should group these. Where container B depends on container A: without groups: A is stopped for backup which may cause errors with B, before B is stopped for backup with groups: B is stopped, then A is stopped, then both are backed up, then A's started, then B's started
  2. That's how I had it initially: But I haven't used this script in years (I eliminated the USB drive) so much may have changed. If it works, it works!
  3. Re: Warnings for non-existent volumes: There's the xml template, or is that backed up even if the container's skipped? That and consider the case of a container that doesn't use volumes: We set it to skip A subsequent version does use volumes We won't know not to skip it until it's too late Backup Order In the new version with Backup type set to stop, backup, start for each container For grouped containers: They're stopped in reverse of Start order (good) They're backed up in reverse of Start order (fine either way) They're started in Start order (good) For un-grouped containers They're stopped, backed up, started in reverse of Start order (bug?)
  4. Oh, I didn't realize. I was going off the debug output in test mode. I tried a real run (now with full paths) and it works. Thanks!
  5. File-exclusion works as expected but folder-exclusion only excludes the folder itself, nothing under it. e.g. given the folder structure: MyShare/KeepOnCache/ File1.txt File2.txt And this entry in the exclude file: /mnt/cache/MyShare/KeepOnCache the find command (with sed evaluated) look like this: > find "/mnt/cache/MyShare" -depth | grep -vFx "/mnt/cache/MyShare/KeepOnCache" /mnt/cache/MyShare/KeepOnCache/File1.txt /mnt/cache/MyShare/KeepOnCache/File2.txt So File1.txt and File2.txt are not excluded from mover. Is that intended and if so what's the point of folder-exclusion?
  6. Okay let's set that aside. Exact match (-x) means folder exclusion can't work because while the folder will match none of the files within it will.
  7. I noticed folder exclusion using the File list path option stopped working. Enabling test mode I see this in the find command (where my exclude file is exclude.txt) grep -vFx -f <(sed 's/\/*$//' '/boot/extras/mover_tuner/exclude.txt') I don't see how this can work with the -x option: -x, --line-regexp Select only those matches that exactly match the whole line. For a regular expression pattern, this is like parenthesizing the pattern and then surrounding it with ^ and $. Even files in exclude.txt won't satisfy the exact match unless they're prefaced with the cache path, e.g. /mnt/cache/sharename/file.txt vs simply sharename/file.txt, which used to work. Am I missing something?
  8. Yes. By default I think only subtitles save to the library directories but you can disable that. And consider this to synchronize watch state between the two: (It's not in the app store so you have to install manually) https://github.com/ArabCoders/watchstate But backup your watch states beforehand because a misconfiguration could reset it.
  9. In my case the half a dozen times it happened were all triggered by SMB operations. Never happened in any other case and since the new implementation where cache-only shares bypass shfs (and the majority of my SMB use is cache-only shares) it hasn't happened since.
  10. I didn't see it mentioned (maybe my search was insufficient) but it'd be handy if a share's recycle bin were emptied automatically when "free" dropped below a certain value or %, in case of emergencies. I'm in the process of standardizing my media library with unmanic so lots of churn, which made me think of it. I could do it with a simple user-script but that only solves it for me, and it's not as clean. Something to consider if you end up with too much free time!
  11. If I'm reading this right: one of the two connectors may offer 4 ports from the JMB585.
  12. I've fixed it (until the next reboot) with a symbolic link: ln -s /usr/local/bin/move /usr/local/sbin/move Seems to be running properly but hasn't finished yet.
  13. Getting a strange error: Jun 13 15:02:32 NAS root: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.mover.tuning/age_mover: line 214: /usr/local/sbin/move: No such file or directory Which makes sense because move is in bin, not sbin. which move /usr/local/bin/move It's a simple fix but I wonder if it indicates something more serious if I'm the only one seeing it. age_mover was last modified May 23: ls -l /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.mover.tuning/age_mover -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 23309 May 23 09:01 /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.mover.tuning/age_mover* My plugins are updated/running 6.12.0-rc8 EDIT: I see the age_mover in this post also references sbin. Huh. EDIT 2: It appear all scripts in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.mover.tuning reference sbin/move, which doesn't exist. Maybe the recently-released RC8 moved it from sbin to bin.
  14. Similar problem with 9p (which I use for a VM) in that it's not transparent. Still I'd appreciate some way to override it - I have a share that was exclusive in rc6 and now because of one subdirectory mounted over NFS (that worked fine) no longer is. Sure I can hardcode paths but the biggest problem - that I access the share from my Mac over SMB where every access risks triggering an shfs bug that takes down the array – is difficult to work around. Worst case I'll disable NFS and mount it some other way.
  15. 6.12 offers a partial solution with cache-only shares bypassing shfs (if you can restructure your workflow to use them.)