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Unraid 6.9.1 high cpu usage in VM showing Shinobi dashboard

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Gday all,


I have finally managed to get my hand on a decently priced Video card for hardware encoding and / or passthrough.

Currently i have assigned 3cores / 6 threads to a VM, and passed through a GTX1050Ti for testing.


In this VM i only show a dashboard of Shinobi with 5 cam's.

The CPU tends to hit 80 - 100% usage without the passthrough vga, this is why i figured it would be better with passthrough.

But as it turns out, it barely makes a difference. This happens in Edge and in Chrome.


GPU is being utilized according to the VM, as is Nvenc decode, but still cpu utilization hangs around 70%.

Does any1 know how to improve this, so that the cpu resources are freed up?


(idle, aka just booted up VM, takes at most 10%)


Since i'm wanting to display 10'ish camera's, you can imagine this is going to pose an issue.

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