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Wireguard - Endpoint DDNS

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Hi All,


'Please move if this is in the wrong section'


I was just wondering what the standard procedure for setting up a Wireguard endpoint with DDNS? 

I currently have Wireguard set up on a Raspberry Pi, and the endpoint is set to a duckdns subdomain.

I'm thinking of replacing the server with my Unraid server. I have a domain set up now and was thinking of adding an A record for the VPN through my own domain.


The question is I guess is, is this safe? If someone was to iterate through a dictionary of common subdomains eg, sheets.google.com, drive.google.com, vpn.google.com. What would happen if they hit on the VPN?


I think i've read somewhere that it simply does not respond to unauthenticated traffic, but figure I would check to be safe.

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